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Chen Kun and His First Album "Osmosis"
2006-04-11 15:23:38
Before 2004, Chen Kun was a successful actor. He endowed every role he played with vivid character.

But at the end of 2004, he has proved himself another way, through music. With his first album "Osmosis", he has confirmed his transition into a professional singer. So in today's program we'll have a listen his first album, Osmosis.

"Osmosis" covers a combination of different complicated emotions, joy and anger, happiness and sadness, dreams and depression and Chen experiments with different ways of singing.   

While most Chinese singers cultivate high-pitched voices, Chen's smooth bass is the most sound this year.   

When people hear the lyrics "in the dark you have lighted a cigarette" they will be surprised at the purity of his voice. This song is tranquil but with an underlying sense of pain. It will hit a nerves for many people and remind them of their past.  

Many people only see Chen Kun as actor, who is dabbling in singing to gain wider fame.   

Actually that is not the case. He had five years of professional singing experience in the Oriental Song and Dance Ensemble before entering the Beijing Film Academy. In January 2004 he signed a three-year contract with the international record corporation BMG, and this album demonstrates his singing strength.   

"Crescent Moon" is a happy song about new love, which is predicted to be one of the most popular love songs of 2004.  

"Dance, Dance and Dance", a "basanova" style song by Ding Wei, a talented composer and singer, who is also a good friend of Chen Kun. She wrote this song especially for the singer.  

With free and unrestrained melodies, the singer inspires listeners forget their sorrows and dance to the music. His message is that although real life can appear cruel, actually it is filled with wonderful surprises and worth cherishing.   

"The Recessive Train" is Chen's favorite song on this album. It is about breaking the rules in life. The depth of the lyrics and the cold-styled melody is worth our careful appreciation.

The next song  "Luminous Ring", just as its lines read, "Red flame has been changed into blue iceberg, and our love below the happy luminous ring has floated to the north," the song depicts a sad love story full of alternating emotions and feelings.   

His slightly sad voice also suggests hope in a song full of grieving.  

People say Chen Kun became adept at singing Indian-style songs when he was in the Oriental Song and Dance Ensemble and this is proved by "Dream Is Unconquerable". It is so difficult to sing that only a skillful singer can deal with its tongue-twisting and modulating parts appropriately.The Indian-style song is combined with a modern electrical element, giving a sense of mystery.   

"Yes, I Love Her" is a song collaboration between You Hongming, Prince of Love Songs in Taiwan, and senior lyricist Xu Changde. With the simple words, Chen has given an account of a complicated love story. It is so intense that listening to it, you can imagine that you are watching a movie of the plot.   

"It rains heavily outside, which noise submerges our dialogue. I love her. Yes, I love her. I believe this is a change. At least she won't destroy the love I gave to her. You beat me complainingly, which looks like a punishment to yourself. Why you didn't care about it until losing me? That's all for us. Just let it be. I won't forget what we had. But let's bid farewell and pray for each other. Just let me love her without any concern."   

"Osmosis" shows that Chen Kun is a simple romantic. While, "Go back to the simplicity", which is also the theme song of TV drama "There Is Affections between Heaven and Earth". It tells people that pure affection should be cherished above all.

"Revive" combines both oriental music and English electrical rhythm to create a misty atmosphere. People will feel they are drifting through space and time. Have a listen to a kind of creative work, which rarely appears in the Chinese pop circle.

The last song "Singing", is a combination of Jazz aria and blues. Traditional styled Chinese pop music is out of the window.   

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