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Zhang Stars in Japanese Film "Operetta"
2006-03-16 10:08:45
Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi stars in Japanese helmer Seijun Suzuki's latest film Operetta Tanuki Goten (Princess Raccoon).

Zhang Ziyi/Photo in courtesy of

Her character, Tanuki-hime, falls in love with Amechiyo (Joe Odagiri), a prince who has been banished from his father's castle.

Operetta Tanuki Goten tells a compelling story about the triumphant nature of self-determination, beauty, and love." Adding to the uniqueness, the sets of the film resemble those of a play on stage.   

For her role, Ziyi took two weeks of singing and dancing lessons in Japan.   

While her speaking part is in Chinese, she will sing in both Chinese and Japanese.   

Princess Raccoon was premiered at the Cannes Film Festival, and was released in Japan on May 28th.   

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