Lesson 275 --- Fruit
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Y: Cooking’s been really easy this week in the Chinese Studio, as we’ve been on a fruit diet. Welcome in everyone. Wo shi Y.
B: Da jia hao, wo shi B, and this experimental diet still has a few days to run. Come and join us for the final countdown.
Y: Oh, that does sound dramatic. And here’s a few keywords to keep us company on the way.

Key words of the day
I’ll buy half a watermelon 我要半个西瓜。Strawberries 草莓They’re not in season. 还不到季节. durian 榴莲 papaya木瓜. All in today’s Chinese Studio.

B: I’ve enjoyed the ping2 guo3, the apples, and the pu2 tao the grapes. Let’s try some xi1 gua1, watermelon today.  Gee they are very mouth watering, but so big, how can I say, I just want half of one?
Y: Try this: wo3 yao4 ban4 ge4 xi1 gua1.
B: wo3 yao4 ban4 ge4 xi1 gua1.
Y: wo3 yao4 means I’d like to buy something,
B:  wo3 yao4,
Y: ban4 ge4 means half a watermelon, 
B: ban4 ge4,
Y: ban4 means half,
B: ban4,
Y: ge4 is the measure word for watermelon,
B: ge4,
Y: ban4 ge4, half a watermelon,
B: ban4 ge4,  
Y: xi1 gua1, watermelon,
B: xi1 gua1,
Y: wo3 yao4 ban4 ge4 xi1 gua1.
B: wo3 yao4 ban4 ge4 xi1 gua1. I’ll have half a watermelon.

Conversation 1
A: 我要半个西瓜。
B: 好的。

B: And I’d love some strawberries.
Y: They’re cao3 mei2.
B: Cao3 mei2,
Y: cao3 means straw and mei2 means berry,
B: got it, cao3 mei2, strawberries. Can you see any Y?
Y: No... I don’t think they’re in season now.
B: Oh too bad, perhaps you can teach me how to say that as consolation.
Y: You can say: 还不到季节
B: hai2 bu2 dao4 ji4 jie2.
Y: bu4 means not,
B: bu4,
Y: dao4 means to be in season,
B: dao4,
Y: hai2 bu2 dao4 means not yet in season
B: hai2 bu2 dao4
Y: ji4 jie2, season,
B: ji4 jie2.
Y: hai2 bu2 dao4 ji4 jie2
B: hai2 bu2 dao4 ji4 jie2 They are not in season.

A: 怎么没有卖草莓的?
B: 还不到季节呢。

B: Now before we leave the fruit stand, tell me Y, I’d love to buy something a little exotic, something I’m not used to.
Y: There is the perfect fruit over there. It’s large and spiky, and your nose will tell you exactly where it is.
B: Ah, that must be the infamous durian. It is large, and does have a certain odor to it, but not too unpleasant. Do you call it durian in Chinese as well?
Y: No, we call it liu2 lian2.
B:  liu2 lian2.
Y: I can’t stand the smell of it. I would like to buy some mu4 gua1, papaya,
B: mu4 gua1.
Y: mu4 literally means wood,
B: mu4,
Y: and gua1 means melon,
B: gua1,
Y: mu4 gua1
B: mu4 gua1, papaya,

Conversation 3
A: 你想吃榴莲吗?
B: 算了吧,我还是吃木瓜吧。

B: Hey Y, I think that durian was a bit too ripe, my stomach is telling me I’ve got to run, pretty soon.
Y: Always got to be mindful of hygiene, cleanliness is next to godliness, so I’ve heard, not that that is much comfort for you B, anyway, to get your mind onto something else here’s our question of the day, how do you say, “papaya” in Chinese.
B: And don’t forget to send us an email answer to Chinese@crifm.com.  Gotta go. Mingtian jian.
Y: Mingtian jian.



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