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Clip 4
Oh, so how'd you like the jet?A lot better than flying coach, huh?
I didn't agree to work with you for the comforts.
Still, it doesn't hurt.
I can't help people with abilities, unless I have access to all your records and your labs.
Of course, of course.And right now, I need to get you back on that plane
because I have your first assignment here somewhere.
I thought you said your company kept its medical samples here.
Not samples. A man.In port-au-prince.He turned up sick.Weakness, tremors, loss of abilities.He's dying.
The virus.
If there's another case,there could be some reservoir of infection.
That's what I need you to find out.To date, there have only been two presentations of the disease.Your sister in 1974, and molly walker four months ago.If there is actually a third case-- then it is spreading.
I'll test him.If it's true, I'll bring him back as soon as possible.
Oh, and, doctor...as of now, your blood is the only cure for that virus.Try not to get yourself killed.
Is anyone here? My name is Mohinder Suresh. I'm a doctor. There's a  possibility you have a very rare virus. That's why I've come.I may be able to help. Give you a cure.
I do not want your cure.
Without it, you could die.
God gave me power. I abused his gift, so he took it away. Now I suffer his judgment. Then perhaps we should leave it to god to decide.
The chances are you carry one of 100 viruses I can do nothing about. If you somehow carry this one virus, there is only one cure. The distillation of my own blood, and I was guided to you. Surely that's a sign. Just the same as your suffering.
A sign of what?
That god isn't quite done with you yet. So, my friend, shall we see if he still offers redemption?
How are your hands?
Steady as faith.
I prayed your cure would not work.
If I prayed, I would have asked the same.
The thought of this virus finding you, out here.If it spreads...
so you did not believe  what you said. About god sending you to cure me.
I have trouble believing in any god that would allow a pathogen like this to exist. It killed my sister. Seems like it's becoming even more virulent. With a replication rate this aggressive, you would have been  dead by morning. The people I work with will want me to bring you infor observation. I have a plane.
You work for people?
A company.
Of course. There's always a company.
Where is he? Where is the haitian?
The haitian? Isn't he in haiti?
We're in haiti. You've been out of contact for hours.
I was in your office. You gave me an envelope, said...a man may have the virus. That I was to cure him.
He wouldn't have been able to take your memory unless the vaccine worked. So...apparently it did. Full recovery. Thank you, dr. Suresh.
My memory? I'm sorry.
Well, at least we've contained the virus. We'll just chalk this up to a rookie mistake.
 Oh, so how'd you like the jet? A lot better than flying coach, huh?
飞行旅途愉快吗? 比坐飞速的长途汽车要好得多哈?
flying coach 乘坐经济仓
If there's another case, there could be some reservoir of infection. 如果还是那个病毒引起的,那我想一定存在传染源
An organism or a population that directly or indirectly transmits a pathogen while being virtually immune to its effects.
If you somehow carry this one virus, there is only one cure. The distillation of my own blood, and I was guided to you.
Distillation 蒸馏,提取物
We'll just chalk this up to a rookie mistake.
Chalk up
To write down or to record 记下,记录
An inexperienced person; a novice 新生,生于无经验的人;初学者

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