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Clench your teeth for tunes, Japan researchers say
Commuters who don't want to reach conspicuously into their bags or pockets to start their iPods will soon be able to do it more subtly. 在日本呢,经常挤地铁的人如果觉得把手伸进包里或口袋里开启iPod太费劲,那么这一问题很快就能巧妙的解决了。

conspicuously in a manner tending to attract attentio显著的, 显眼的
Japanese researchers have developed head gear that uses infrared sensors and a microcomputer to let people operate music players by clenching their teeth.  日本研究人员近日开发出一种内置红外线传感器和微型计算机的头套,通过这种装置,人们只需咬紧牙就能启动音乐播放器。
clenching The forceful holding together of the upper and lower teeth紧合;咬紧(牙关)
She clenched her teeth when she was operated on. 在被动手术时她咬紧了牙关。
In the laboratory, grinding right teeth can play and halt music on an iPod while clenching left teeth makes it skip to the next track. 在实验室所做的实验中,咬紧右边的牙齿能够启动和停止iPod,咬左边的牙则能使播放器跳至下一个节目。
grinding - rubbing the teeth together. tightly. 磨牙齿,咬牙
The research team believes it can eventually be adapted to run cell phones, wheelchairs and other products. 这一装置经“改造”后,最终还能用于手机、轮椅和其它产品。
adapted changed in order to improve or made more fit for a particular purpose; 适合
Bad teeth ensues.

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