2014, an Icebreaking Year for New Energy Automobiles?

With air pollution one of the main concerns among people here in China these days, a new push is on to try to get people to gravitate toward new energy vehicles.


Support for New Energy Vehicles in China to Go on

China will extend its subsidy programme for buyers of new energy vehicles beyond 2015, although it will reduce its subsidies in 2014 and 2015.


The Development of EV Charging Stations in Beijing

In a recent green-car lottery, only 1428 bids were submitted for those wanting to drive one of these more environmentally sound vehicles, short of the 1666-car quota set by the city.


Facilities Decide the Growth of the Green Cars

Beijing government has issued a series of favorable polices in order to promote the wide the use of the new energy vehicles. While,the development of the relevant facilities is the key factor for the growth of the green cars.


New Energy Vehicles Face Market Challenges

It seems that the combined efforts of manufacturers and the Chinese government have still not been enough to push these cars into mainstream auto market. However, car salesmen remain optimistic about the future of this market.