Japan Nuclear Crisis on Par with Chernobyl
Japan has decided to raise the severity level of the accident at the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant to 7, the worst on an international scale, from the current 5.6.3-magnitude Quake Hits East Japan
v Japan Nuclear Crisis on Par with Chernobyl
v Japan to Evacuate Locals Outside 20-km Radius of Crippled Nuke Plant
v Japan Still Reeling 1 Month After Massive Quake and Tsunami
• Magnitude-5.9 Quake Jolts Japan's Kanto Region
• Mudslide Following Magnitude-7 Quake Kills 1, Injures at Least 2
• M-7 Quake Jolts Japan, Tsunami Alert Lifted
• S. Korean Nuclear Experts to Visit Japan Over Nuclear Crisis
• Death Toll Reaches 13,116 from Great Quake, Tsunami in Japan
• TEPCO Installs Steel Wall, Fence to Stem Ocean Contamination
• Radiation Leakage of Japan's Nuclear Plant May Eventually Exceed that of Chernobyl: TEPCO
• Japan Nuclear Crisis on Par with Chernobyl
• Japan's Nuclear Radioactivity Reaches Pakistan
• Water Leaks Found at Onagawa Nuke Plant after Thursday Quake: Kyodo
• Global Nuclear Safety Meeting Focuses on Japan Crisis
• Japan to Use Special Absorbent to Soak up Radioactive Water
• Residents Up to 30 km from Japan's Troubled Nuke Plant Eligible for Compensation: Edano
• Obama Calls Japanese PM on After-Quake Support
• Australia Confirms Safety of All Australians in Japan
• China to Extend Maximum Support to Japan
• Turkey Send Aid to Japan, Preparing for Returning Citizens
• Denmark Sends Experts to Japan as Part of Coordinated EU Relief Effort
• Full-Scale Simulated Tsunami Alert to Involve 33 Countries in Caribbean
• Tsunami Could Hit California with No Warning
• New Zealand Tsunami Alert Lifted
• No Maritime Accident following Tsunami Alert in Philippines
• California Governor Declares State of Emergency in Tsunami-Hit Areas
• Four Tsunami Alerts Issued in Fiji before Cancellation
Life in Tokyo back to Normal
CRI Reports
•  Japan Nuclear Crisis Still a Serious Concern, Adds Japan Produce Barred
•  Earthquake to Have Short-term Impact on China-Japan Trade
•  Japan Nuclear Crisis Continues and Fears of Food Contamination Spread
•  Chinese Rescue Team Returns
•  Roundup of Japan's Atomic Crisis
A powerful earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 9.0 hit Japan's northeastern Honshu island on March 11, 2011. Now concerns have spread to all six of the reactors housed at the Fukushima facility including Nos 4, 5 and 6 that were off-line during devastating earthquake and tsunami and previously thought to be safe.
• Major Nuclear Accidents Around the World
• Review of World Nuclear Power Development
• Understanding the Richter Magnitude Scale
International Reaction
• Hong Kong Sends Relief Supplies to Japan
• EU Strengthens Controls on Imports from Japan
• Some S. Korean Schools Close Amid Radioactive Rain Scare
• Agricultural Products in Taiwan Free from Radioactive Contamination
• Russia Suspends Seafood Imports from Japan