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Italian Drama Named Best Film in Shanghai

Golden Goblet Award Winners Announced

Italian Drama Named Best Film in Shanghai
"Kiss Me Again" won the Golden Goblet for Best Film as the 13th Shanghai International Film Festival closed its curtains.
Wang Luodan Lands New Role by 'Eavesdropping'
"Driverless" actress Wang Luodan says she got her role in the film thanks to an eavesdropping experience.
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v Italian Drama Named Best Film in Shanghai
v Golden Goblet Award Winners Announced
v Will Smith Promotes China-U.S. Collaboration Film
v 13th Shanghai International Film Festival Concludes
v Wang Luodan Lands New Role by 'Eavesdropping'
v Chinese Film 'Lan' Wins Big at Asian New Talent Awards
Golden Goblet Awards
Awards Winners
Best Film Kiss Me Again (Italy)
Jury Grand Prix Deep in the Clouds (China)
Best Director Liu Jie for Deep in the Clouds (China)
Best Screenplay Gabriele Muccino for Kiss Me Again (Italy)
Best Actor Christian Ulmen
Best Actress Vittoria Puccini
Asian New Talent Awards
Awards Winners
Best Director Jung Ki-Hoon for Goodbye Mom (S. Korea)
Best Film Lan (China)
Int'l Student Shorts Awards
Awards Winners
Best Director Lior Chefetz for The Godmother (USA)
Best Film Silent Sea (Germany)

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Screenings and Events

June 12, 2010 (Saturday)
- Filmmakers and Golden Goblet jury meet the press
- Opening red carpet show and opening ceremony

June 13, 2010 (Sunday)
[Screenings] "Ocean Heaven"
[Premieres] "Shanghai"

June 14, 2010 (Monday)
"Circuit"; "Les aventures extraordinaires d'Ad¨¨le Blanc-Sec"; "Czukor Show"

June 15, 2010 (Tuesday)
"The Last Escape"; "Cast Me If You Can"; "Time Traveler"; "Kiss Me Again"; "The Executioner"; "Wedding Fever in Campobello"; "Crossing the Mountain"

June 16, 2010 (Wednesday)
"Zonad"; "Goodbye Mom"; "The Legend Is Alive"; "Pay Back"; "The Blue Mansion"; "Red Dragonflies"

June 17, 2010 (Thursday)
"Deep in the Clouds"; "Partners"; "Detour"; "The Pawnshop"; "Lan"

June 18, 2010 (Friday)
[Screenings] "UN-authorized"; "The First Beautiful Thing"; "Time of Fear"
[Premieres] "The Karate Kid"

June 19, 2010 (Saturday)
"The Rowan Waltz"; "Ondine"; "Last Ride"

June 20, 2010 (Sunday)
- Closing red carpet show and closing ceremony

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'Circuit' (Spain)

'Czukor Show' (Hungary/Sweden)

'Deep in the Clouds' (China)

'Detour' (Canada)

'Kiss Me Again' (Italy)

'La Prima Cosa Bella' (Italy)

'Ocean Heaven' (China)

'Ondine' (Ireland)

'Partners' (Japan)

'Pay Back' (Iran)

'Time of Fear' (Brazil)

'The Last Escape' (Canada)

'The Rowan Waltz' (Russia)

'UN-Authorized' (Venezuela/

'Wedding Fever in Campobello'

'Zonad' (Ireland)


Bill Guttentag (American Filmmaker)

Wang Xiaoshuai (Chinese Director)

Yojiro Takita (Japanese Director)

Leos Carax (French Director)

Zhao Wei (Chinese Actress)

Amos Gitai (Israeli Director)
The Asian New Talent Awards aim to discover and support new Asian filmmakers. Winners of the Best Director and Best Feature Film awards will each get a reward of 150,000 yuan (US$21,965). The Best Director winner will also get access to post-production facilities/service worth US$20,000 provided by Technicolor Bangkok. This year's candidates are:

'Cast Me If You Can' (Japan)
Directed by Atsushi Ogata
'Crossing the Mountain' (China)
Directed by Yang Rui
'Goodbye Mom' (South Korea)
Directed by Jeong Gi-Hun
'Lan' (China)
Directed by Jiang Wenli
'Red Dragonflies' (Singapore)
Directed by Jiekai Liao
'The Blue Mansion' (Singapore/Malaysia)
Directed by Glen Goei
'The Executioner' (South Korea)
Directed by Choi Jin-Ho
'The Legend Is Alive' (Vietnam)
Directed by Huynh Luu
'The Pawnshop' (Philippines)
Directed By Milo Sogueco
'Time Traveler' (Japan)
Directed by Masaaki Taniguchi

The Shanghai International Film Festival includes the following sections:
1. Golden Goblet Awards: Main competition for feature films. [Nominees]
2. Asian New Talent Awards: Discovering and supporting new Asian filmmakers.
3. Int'l Student Shorts Awards: A stage for the young people to communicate with renowned film masters and to display their works.
4. Film Market: A bridge for buyers, producers and distributors from both home and abroad.
5. China Film Pitch and Catch: Eight Chinese projects and their directors are selected for this section. The directors are given the opportunity to get professional coaching and later to give presentations to film production companies and the media.
6. Co-production Film Pitch and Catch: The jury selects 32 projects, which are suitable for co-production. The projects will join the other 8 CFPC projects in the face-to-face discussion section for cooperation or financing possibilities.
7. SIFForum: Including President Lecture, Industry Summit, Round Table and Master Classes.
8. Int'l Panorama: Screening films with a wide selection of genres and types.

[President Lecture]
What Other Films Do We Need?
[Industry Summit]
I. New Front for Industry Collaboration between China and Hollywood
II. New Orientation of Chinese Film: Made in China by Young Chinese Directors
III. 3-D the Magic Stick to Integrate Animation and Live Action
[Film Roundtable]
I. New Media Channels for Film Distribution
II. Cinema as Medium - Marketing Strategies of Product Placement

As one of the major sections of the Shanghai International Film Festival, International Panorama features a professional and clear construction of selection categories and a wide selection of different film genres and types of each category. International Panorama successfully establishes its fame as the global platform for industrial and cultural exchanges and meanwhile provides a window for local media and audiences to get a touch of international movies and their latest development trends.

This year, more than 300 films will be screened under the categories of:
[Official Selection]          [World Cinemas]
[View China]                  [Tribute to Masters]
[Global Village]              [Documentary and Shorts]
>> Click here for the screening schedule.