Top Political Advisor Visits Quake Survivors, Rescuers
China's top political advisor Jia Qinglin visited quake survivors and rescuers during a trip to the quake-hit Yushu in northwest China's Qinghai Province on Monday.
• Ecological Preservation a Goal during Reconstruction of Yushu
Almost one month after an earthquake devastated Yushu County, in northwest China's Qinghai Province, local residents and officials are still removing animal carcasses and pollutant trash from the area to prevent ecological damage and the tainting of water supplies.
• Tibetan Mastiffs Continue to Suffer after China's Yushu Quake
Jiangyuan Prince, a Tibetan mastiff, walks slowly, growling, reluctant to look at the flour paste in his bowl. When a stranger approaches, he will bark angrily while wildly yanking on his chain.
• Quake-zone Airport Will Be Improved to Operate Round-the-clock
China plans to upgrade the airport in quake-hit Yushu of Qinghai Province to offer 24-hour services.
• China Raises 637 mln USD for Quake-hit Yushu
China had raised 4.349 billion yuan (637 million U.S. dollars) of donations in money and materials for quake-hit Yushu as of Tuesday, according to the Ministry of Civil Affairs.
• China Raises 730 mln USD for Quake-hit Yushu
China had raised 4.985 billion yuan (730 million U.S. dollars) of donations in money and materials for quake-hit Yushu as of midday Thursday, according to the Ministry of Civil Affairs.
• HK Approves Further Grants for Qinghai Quake Victims
The Hong Kong government Thursday approved two grants totaling 600,000 HK dollars to help relieve earthquake victims in China's Qinghai Province.
• Chinese Gymnasts Present Charity Show for Earthquake Relief
The Chinese gymnastic team, comprising of 18 athletes including Li Xiaopeng, Yang Wei and Chen Yibing, presented a charity performance in Hong Kong Monday to raise funds for the Qinghai earthquake victims.
• HK Jockey Club Donates Another 16.3 Mln HKD for Quake Relief
Hong Kong's leading charity donor, the Hong Kong Jockey Club, said Sunday it had donated another 16.3 million HK dollars (2.1 million U.S. dollars) for earthquake-hit area in northwestern China's Qinghai province to help disaster relief work.

Orphans in Quake-hit Yushu Receive "Love Package"

Temporary Classrooms Built for Children in Quake-hit Yushu

Prefab Houses Being Built in Quake-hit Yushu

Vice Premier Urges Quake Relief Efforts to Focus on Resettlement, Reconstruction

Chinese Light Candles to Mourn Yushu Earthquake Victims

China Mourning Quake Victims
About the Quake
A 7.1-magnitude earthquake rocked Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Yushu, northwest China's Qinghai Province, on Wednesday, leaving at least 589 people dead and many others buried under the debris.
World Reactions
• World Continues to Send Condolences to China over Quake
• International Community Continues to Extend Condolences over Yushu Quake
• Thailand to Donate $100,000 for Quake- affected Chinese
• New Zealand Gives 400,000 NZ Dollars to Chinese Quake Relief Efforts
• Int'l Community Conveys Condolences to China over Qinghai Quake
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