IN one of his most famous poems, ancient Chinese poet Du Fu extols the spring rain with a classic line - "A good rain knows its season." Dong-Ho, a modern-time businessman in South Korea, probably thinks he is irrelevant to this Chinese saying until he travels to Chengdu, where Du Fu composed his poem. The romantic feature "A Good Rain Knows", starring Gao Yuanyuan and Jung Woo-Sung, is directed by Hur Jin-Ho. The film opens in China on March 6, 2010. [Read more]
Gao, Jung Promote 'Rain' in Pusan
Cast members Gao Yuanyuan and Jung Woo-Sung promoted "A Good Rain Knows" during the 14th Pusan Int'l Film Festival.
Gao Yuanyuan and Jung Woo-Sung Appear Together in Vogue
Chinese actress Gao Yuanyuan and South Korean actor Jung Woo-Sung appear in "Vogue".

Hur Jin-Ho
South Korean filmmaker Hur Jin-Ho enjoys a reputation of being a master of romantic movies.

Hur is best known for his observations of everyday life which he presents in his films with delicate pictures and sensational montages. He is relatively unprolific, having only shot five feature-length films in his 16-year-long directing career.

As well as "A Good Rain Knows", Hur's previous four films have already turned him into a highly sought-after director at major film awards in Asia.
"A Good Rain Knows" was originally planned as a segment of another film named "Chengdu, I Love You", which would feature Chinese and Korean directors telling three separate stories. Now that Hur Jin-Ho has extended his part into a full-length movie, "A Good Rain Knows" is being promoted as part one of the Chengdu series. Click to learn more about the second part.

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