Discover the Real Suzhou
There is a popular saying in China "In Heaven there is paradise; on Earth, there is Suzhou and Hangzhou." Suzhou has been praised as a "paradise on Earth" since ancient times.
[Travelogue] Su Zhou Chinese Culture "Eye Opener"
"My Beijing Photo Competition" opened a new chapter in my travelling around China. This place is a crossroad of tradition, history and unique landscape.
Cultural Treasures-Suzhou Gardens
The earliest gardens of Suzhou, which belonged to the King of Wu, can be traced far back to the Spring and Autumn period of the 6th century B.C. And more gardens were built in Ming and Qing Dynasties.
Paradise on earth-Suzhou
My Suzhou
[By Xie Tingting]28 Hours in Suzhou
[By Ai Su]The Suzhou Travel

The Humble Administrator's Garden

The Lion Grove Garden

The Master-of-Nets Garden

The Surging Wave Pavilion

The Water Township of Zhou Zhuang

The Township of Tong Li

The Township of Lu Zhi

The Township of Mudu
Other Scenic Spots
• The Hanshan Temple
The Hanshan Temple was originally built during the reign of Tianjian in the Liang Dynasty.
• Suzhou New District
The Suzhou New District is the special designated region for technology and industrial development in China.
• Suzhou Industrial Park
Suzhou Industrial Park is the largest cooperative project between the governments of China and Singapore.
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