Hot Springs Steam up Winter Excursions
It is the perfect remedy for recharging your mind and body when the fierce cold overtakes you and diminishes your desire to step out of a warm house.

Enjoy Water at Hot Springs in Beijing
Looking for a Beijing hot springs spa tour to relax yourself from the strain of life? A nice soak in one of Beijing' many hot springs is an excellent way to escape the hard-charging pace of modern urban life.
Six Tips for Taking Hot Spring Bath
One should not bath hot spring immediately when he/she come to the pool after long distance traveling.
Check out Them!
Indulge Yourself at Beijing Longmai Hotspring
LongMai hot spring country club is located the Changping Xiaotangshan, is situated at in the Imperial Palace axle wire.
Bali SPA World: A New Hot Spring Resort in Beijing
Would you like to find a warm place to escape from the chilly Beijing winter and totally relax yourself?

Fengshan Hot Spring Resort

Bailuyuan Forest Hot Spring

Longxi Hot Spring in Beijing

Long Mai Hot Spring

Wendu Aqua Fiesta

Jiuhua Spa & Resort
Why It's Good?
Hot Spring Is Good to Preserve and Increase One's Beauty
Have You Ever Thought about How to Make It More Nutritious?
Hot Spring Bath Is Good Functions to Their Bodies
Hot Springs in the World
Top Ten Romantic Hot Springs in China
We've selected 10 most romantic hot springs across China, have you ever been one or more of them?
Hot Springs National Park
Hot Springs National Park lies at the heart of the Hot Springs Experience, and shouldn't be missed on your visit to America's Spa.
Visitors Enjoy Soy Milk Hot Spring in Japan
The day is the soy milk festival of Japan. A hot spring holiday inn in Hakone Kowakien provided soy milk hot spring for guests.
Dining at Hot Spring!

Ice Cream Hot Pot

Haloumi with Basil and Tomato
Irresistible Choice at Hot Spring

Hot Pot A Hot Choice for Winter
In cold weather, there's nothing like hot pot - nourishing, fun, convivial and imaginative.