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Ten giant pandas from a breeding base in Sichuan were evacuated on Tuesday to avoid threats from possible geological disasters after the May 12 quake.
Face of Adversity
• Survivors' Never-give-up Tales in Sichuan Quake
• Noah's Ark in the Earthquake
• A True Man: Chen Jian

China Quake Casualties Unchanged
The death toll from the May 12 earthquake devastating Sichuan Province and some neighboring provinces remained unchanged at 69,197 as of Friday noon, according to a press release of the State Council Information Office.
Gov't Auctions Building for More Quake Relief Fund
The city government of Chengdu, capital of China's earthquake-ravaged Sichuan Province has decided to auction off its smartly-designed administrative complex for more disaster relief fund.
No Epidemic Outbreaks in Quake Zone: Ministry
No major epidemic outbreaks or public health incidents have been reported in China's quake area so far, a health ministry spokesman said here Friday.
Senior Chinese Leader Praises Law-enforcers for Their Role in Earthquake Relief
Zhou Yongkang, member of the Standing Committee of the Communist Party of China Central Committee Political Bureau, on Tuesday praised law-enforcers in the earthquake relief work, calling them "loyal guards of the Party and the people."
2 bln Yuan Proposed to Rebuild Wolong Panda Reserve
Chinese experts have drawn up a plan to rebuild the quake-devastated Wolong nature reserve, a major habitat of giant pandas in southwestern Sichuan Province, with an investment of 2 billion yuan.
China to Exempt Quake Regions from Some Govt Funding
Ministry of Finance announced it would exempt or cut down some government fund collecting from regions devastated by the May 12 earthquake over the next three years.
Quake Caused 6-bln-USD Damage to Agriculture: FAO
The agricultural sector in China's Sichuan province has suffered enormous damage, estimated at around 6 billion U.S. dollars, as a result of last month's devastating earthquake, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) said Monday.
372,000 People Lose Jobs after May 12 Earthquake
At least 372,000 urban residents in southwest China's Sichuan Province lost their jobs because of the May 12 powerful earthquake, Vice Governor of Sichuan Li Chengyun said in Chengdu on Monday.
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CRIENGLISH.com calls on netizens and our friends around the world to donate for the earthquake victims.
Show the Victims That You Care
Please send a message to the earthquake victims to show that you care. Your words will help them through the disaster.

Quake death toll rises to 68,109

Taiwan supports quake-striken Sichuan

More int'l aid arrives in Sichuan

Quake injured treated in Beijing

8 people rescued 17 days after quake in Mianzhu

Chinese Politburo: Saving Lives First
Efforts to Tackle Quake Lakes
• Flood from Main Quake Lake Passes Mianyang Safely
• Soldiers Work Non-stop to Drain "Quake Lake"
• China Earmarks More Funds to Cope with Threats of "Quake Lakes"
• Over 150,000 Moved away from Quake Lake
• China Eases Quake-swelling Lake to Protect Civilians
• Amid Race to Drain China's Quake Lake, Emergency Plans Proceed
• 200 Mln Yuan Allocation to Relieve "Quake Lake" Threat
Miracle Rescues
• 19 Days:
Mi Chengfu and Liu Hongkun rescued in the mountains near Mianzhu's Qingping town
• 9 Days:
Zeng Changhui Rescued in Hongbai township
• 196 Hours:
Four miners rescued in Mianyang
• 196 Hours:
60-year-old Woman, Wang Youqun Rescued in Pengzhou
• 179 Hours:
Ma Yuanjiang Rescued in Wenchuan
Facts, Figures about China Quake, Relief 2008-06-07
v China May Quake Death Toll Remains Unchanged at 69,226
v Students from Quake-hit Region Embrace the Black Sea at Bulgaria
v Quake-struck Families Allowed New Births
v China to Renovate 10 More Quake-battered Cultural Relics in 2008
v Boy from China's Quake-hit Areas Feels Happy in Children's Center in Russia
v Web System Debuts for Quake Donation Transparency
v Moderate Aftershock Hits Area between Shaanxi, Sichuan
v 18 Students from Quake Hit Sichuan Recruited as Pilot Cadets
v Students Get Home-like Treatment at Russian Care Center
v No Epidemic Outbreaks in Quake Zone: Ministry
International Response
v UN Launches Appeal for Early Recovery Support to China Quake Victims
v UN Appeals for Int'l Assistance to China's Earthquake Disaster Recovery
v Rice Visits Quake-hit China Region
v Vietnam Donates 200,000 USD to Chinese Quake Victims
v Ambassador: India Hopes to Aid China in Quake Relief, Rebuilding
v Australia Provides 750,000 Dollars for Sichuan Earthquake Recovery
v Russia Sends New Aid to China's Quake-hit Region
v China Praised for Swift Response in Disaster Relief Efforts
v Int'l Community Continues Sending Condolences, Aid to Quake-Hit China
v Bangladesh Youth Organization Holds Rally Mourning China's Earthquake Victims
v Chinese President Meets Quake Students in Zhongnanhai
v China Quake Rare and Unexpected, Says New MIT Study
v UN Held Workshop on Post-Earthquake Reconstruction in China
v China to Lay Out Outlines to Guide Reconstruction in Quake Hit Regions
v President Hu Thanked International Society for Quake Relief
v Careful Consideration Needed for Opening Tourist Attractions in Quake Regions
v Major Enterprises in Quake-hit Regions Restore Production
v Earthquake-proof School Construction Underway in Sichuan
v China Strengthens Efforts to Tackle Potential Risks in Quake Regions
Relief & Reconstruction
• HK Grants More Emergency Relief Fund for Quake-hit Sichuan
• China Invites World Architects to Design Solar Schools for Quake Areas
• Party Official Vows to Punish Offenders in Management of Quake Relief Funds, Goods
• China Struggles to Help Quake Survivors Get Back to Work
• Huge Donations, Large-Scale Quake Relief Challenge China Red Cross
• Transport Top Priority in Post-Quake Reconstruction: Official
• China Proposes Disaster Relief Cooperation Plan at ASEAN Workshops
• Japan Presents Post-Quake Reconstruction Reference Documents to China
• China Red Cross Plans First 2.5bln Yuan for Post-Quake Reconstruction
• Chinese Farmers Back in Fields after Earthquake