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Frequently Used Words (2)
2006-01-12 17:00:33
  试球 test the shuttle

  换球 change the shuttle

  发球方得分制 side-out scoring system

  换发球 Service over!

  重发球 let

  交换发球区 alternate courts

  发球权 right to serve; serve privilege

  掌握发球权的一方 “in” side

  失去发球权的一方 retired side

  失去发球权 hand-out; loss of service

  发球违例 serve fault

  过手 service above hand

  过腰 service above the waist

  脚违例 foot fault

  一次发球权 one hand

  两次发球权 two hands

  第一发球 first serve

  第二发球 second serve

  两次发球失误 two down

  击球 strike; hit; bat; stroke; shot

  (To be continued)

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Third time lucky for Guo Yan as the hard-hitting Chinese upset more heralded teammate Zhang Yining to win the women's table tennis World Cup.
Yankees pitcher Lidle was piloting the plane that crashed into a high-rise building in New York City and died in the accident.
David Beckham has again been snubbed by England coach Steve McClaren, despite a tight option in the midfield.
The Fourth Homeless World Cup officially kicked off in Cape Town with South Africa beating Chile in the opening game.
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