Asia's Heaviest Dinosaur Recovered in Henan
    2007-07-04 12:36:29
The framework fossil of an Asian biggest dinosaur has been recovered by Chinese geologists after a two-year excavation in central Henan Province. reports the bone was found in the province¡¯s Ruyang County and that the dinosaur has been named the Ruyang Yellow River Megalosaurus.

The simulacrum showed the dinosaur, with 18 meters in length, six meters in height and three meters wide, is the biggest of such creatures ever found in the continent.

A researcher from the Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology under the Chinese Academic of Sciences, Dong Zhiming, said the recovery will contribute greatly to the study of the megalosaurus in terms of distribution, migration and evolvement.

The chief engineer of the provincial land administration, Wu Guochang, said the area near the country has an abundant resource of ancient fossils. More than 30 sites in a basin near Ruyang have been allocated for fossil recovery.