Dr. Margret Chan: The First Woman Director-General Of WHO
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By Joseph B. Oduntan

Dr. Margaret Chan by 4th January, 2007 will assume office in Geneva Switzerland as the first woman ever to be elected as the Director-General of the united nation World Health Organization (WHO).


Foremost, we remember the contributions and diligent service of the Korean born WHO Director-General- Dr LEE Jong-wook who died early this year 2006 with a short period in office. We pray for the repose of his soul. May God console his family and give them the fortitude to bear the great loss.


His good works for improved health care for mankind the world over will for a long time be remembered. The involvement of women in governance and leadership role the world over particularly in Africa started between the 19th and the 20th century and is increasing in the new millennium.


Women as ordained by God are meant solely for home care and procreation. In most African countries, fathers do not place much emphasis on the education of their daughters because they know and believe they will eventually marry to bear someone else's name.


In Africa, women are relegated to the back seats when it comes to leadership roles in community service or functions. Africans in early days marry many wives to take care of the home front and to serve as helping hands for numerous farm work or agricultural activities to produce food for the family.


Women are usually called the weaker sex and this attribute prevent most hard working and competent women amongst them from contributing to the social and economic development of their community. Certain jobs on their light nature are thus reserved for women viz: Teaching, Nursing, Catering, Secretarial management etc.


Present day developed world civilization and it's spread to developing countries particularly Africa is creating the awareness and enlightenment we need for the training and education of women and their involvement and participation in leadership role in all countries of the world.


Today irrespective of religious believe or background, more women are technically and professionally been trained or educated as viz: Engineers, Medical Doctors, Lawyers, Military Personnels, Police Officers, Astronauts and the likes. A majority of women today are also involved in politics and governance for the growth and development of their countries or community in which they find themselves.


Past notable women leaders and community workers include viz: Queen Elizabeth of England, Mother Teresa, Mary's Slessor, Queen Aminat Idia, Chief (Mrs) Ramsome- Kuti etc. The new generation noble women leaders and social workers who severed or are currently serving diligently to improve their community include viz: Mrs. M Thatcher, President Helen Sir leaf, President Angela Marcus, President Veronica M. Bachelet, President Gloria Aroya, Dr. Condolese Rice and Mrs. Anike Agbaje- Williams (The first Nigerian woman Broadcaster) to mention a few.

Women are mothers. God has endowed them with such caring gifts. Women are sympathetic and compassionate in all aspect of spheres of human endeavors. They want peace; they extend love and are tender hearted.


The Blessed Virgin Mary (Mother of Our Lord JESUS CHRIST) played a vital role in the salvation history of mankind. Her virtues of Obedience, Faithfulness, Love, Prayerfulness, Holiness, Caring and Selfless Service for the manifestation of God's divine plan for the birth, upbringing, ministry, suffering and death of Our Savior Jesus Christ must not be over looked by any one who wants success in his or her service to mankind.

It is important for man to pray to God for his Grace to enable any individual who has the opportunity to serve for the wisdom and success he needs to make a change for the improvement of mankind.


The life of Mother Teresa who lived all her life in helping suffering souls is also a typical example of the importance of women as agents of change in shaping and modeling the society or community in which they live.


The choice of Dr. M. Chan as the new Director-General of the WHO in 2006 has received a great applause and ovation from the international community and people across all countries of the world.


Women and all Africans see her as the God sent Messiah in this era of HIV/AIDS pandemics, cancer, Tuberculosis, high percentage of child mortality and maternal death, high rate of abortion mortality, innocent human soul bastardizing and spiritual injustice and alienation falsified as God's divine healing associated with highly placed African spiritual church leaders who acclaim any help rendered as personal miracle prowess. This is an area you will be interested in to conduct medical research for facts behind the spiritual deformity and malfunction that will attract support and assistance for medical treatment abroad for the sufferers and to help formulate laws to free the defenseless spiritually sick people around the globe who have because of this problem lost all their birth right and freedom due to unfriendly and selfish attitudes of people in the environment they live.


China the native country of Dr. Chan is known or noble for it's "Acupuncture" skill or technology. This China medical skill was used to revive a co-passenger on a flight with me who developed a trauma in the plane on my way back home in 1995 after a training course in the Republic of Korea.


We took off from Schippol airport in Seoul and when we were just half way to Bancock he developed a sickness that made him slum on his seat. This strange posture attracted people close to his seat for help.


As a praying Christian I held my Bible close to his Head praying for God's divine healing at this awkward time in the air, an Asian co-passenger whom I believed was a acupuncture expert or trained personnel brought out from his small leather kit a niddle like object to prick all the hand veins of the sick man to revive him. When he eventually came back to life we all went back to our seats. The plane incident was my first time of experiencing the acupuncture medication.


Dr. Chan's wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of human medicine will be exploited to bring good health to the world. As an achievement stride in the new millennium and in the context of service to mankind, we would want Dr. Chan to exploit the knowledge, improvement and use of traditional medicine in respect of all it's positive uses or importance the world over particularly in Africa.

As we congratulate the new DG, we admonish her to be always be accessible, reduce to minimum official bureaucracy that are usually bottle-necks to good governance and hindrances to useful advices and contributions outsiders whether high or low in the community.


Modern medical ideas need to be disseminated to the third world countries and medical facilities in the various countries are obsolete or need to be updated. The so-called free health care programmes in most of the developing countries must be qualitative and sound with good routine supervision by experts from the WHO. Health aids funds and facilities must be well monitored and accounted for by recipient countries particularly in Africa.


We would want the new DG to study the Mexican Health care Model and see how it can work for developing countries in Africa where we have a lot of rural poor people. We solicit for the faithful support and co-operation of all her Geneva staff, colleagues and government bodies across the globe for suggestions, advices and guidance to help her make a mark for positive impact on the health of less privileged rural poor people around the world particularly in developing countries of the world.


We know Dr. Chan is all out to make a change as the first female chief executive of the WHO because in her maiden acceptance speech she said in her words-"The mark of success for the WHO during my tenure in office will be based on how much the WHO is able to solve Africa's health problems particularly as it affect death of women in child birth and child mortality prevalent in the region."


We wish Dr. Chan-"the Mother of the world" a happy, peaceful and successful tenure of office with great achievements for a better world.


May God shower his wisdom upon you to bring the needed change in the new millennium that will have positive impact on the health needs of all suffering people around the globe.


(An Article Sent to The Editor For Publication)

Federal Department of Agriculture
c/o P.M.B. 4401
Osogbo,Osun State


28th November, 2006



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