Results of the 2006 CBA Draft
  2006-08-04 13:31:15      Xinhua

Following are the results of the 2006 Chinese Basketball Association draft held on Thursday at the United States Basketball Academy's training facility near Eugene, Ore:

First round-

   1.  Henan Jigang: Tyrone Washington, center, Mississippi State '99

   2.  Guangdong Dongguan New Century: Pass

   3.  Shanxi Gaitianli: Pass

   4.  Shandong Jinsidun:  Herve Lamizana, center, Rutgers '04

   5.  Zhejiang Wanma Cyclones: Pass

   6.  Fujian Xunxing: Pass

   7.  Shanghai Dongfang: Pass

   8.  Jilin Tonggang: Darius Rice, forward, Miami '04

   9.  Liaoning Panpan: Pass

   10. Yunnan Honghe Bulls: Ken Johnson, center, Ohio State '01

   11. Xinjiang Guanghui: Pass

   12. Jiangsu Nangang Dragons: Garnett Thompson, center, Providence '02

   13. Beijing Shougang: Micah Brand, center, UMass.  '03

   14. Guangdong Hongyuan Southern Tigers:  Pass


The teams that passed in the first-round used their picks to resign for reign players from their 2005-2006 roster:


   Guangdong Dongguan New Century: Anthony Myles, forward, Xavier '04

   Shanxi Gaitianli: Brandon Crump, center, Tennessee  '05

   Zhejiang Wanma Cyclones: Soumalia Samake, center

   Fujian Xunxing: Chris Porter, forward, Auburn '00

   Shanghai Dongfang: Reggie Okosa, forward, LaSalle '02

   Liaoning Panpan: Ernest Brown, center, Indian Hills CC '00

   Xinjiang Guanghui: Lorenzo Coleman, center, Tennessee Tech

   Guangdong Hongyuan Southern Tigers: Jason Dixon, center, Liberty University


   Second round-

   15. Henan Jigang: God Shammgod, guard, Providence College '97

   16. Guangdong Dongguan New Century: Michael Fey, center, UCLA '06

   17. Shanxi Gaitianli: Jerod Ward, forward, Michigan '98

   18. Shandong Jinsidun:  Mack Tuck, guard/forward, Central Oklahoma'03

   19. Zhejiang Wanma Cyclones: Kevin Freeman, forward, UConn  '00

   20. Fujian Xunxing: Kit Ryhmer, center, UMass '02

   21. Shanghai Dongfang: Jermaine Dearman, forward, Southern Illinois '03

   22. Jilin Tonggang: Babacar Camara, center, Cal State Fullerton '04

   23. Liaoning Panpan: Robert Jackson, forward, Marquette '03

   24. Yunnan Honghe Bulls: Wil Frisby, forward, Miami '05

   25. Xinjiang Guanghui: Doug Wrenn, forward, Washington '03

   26. Jiangsu Nangang Dragons: Carlos Dixon, forward, Virginia Tech '05

   27. Beijing Shougang: Robby Joyner, guard, North Carolina-Asheville '02

   28. Guangdong Hongyuan Southern Tigers: Terrance Green, guard, Nevada-Reno '03

   Third round

   29. Henan Jigang: Rashid Byrd, center, Eastern Oklahoma JC '01

   30. Guangdong Dongguan New Century: Tyler Smith, forward, Penn State '02

   31. Shanxi Gaitianli: Mike Jensen, forward, Washington '06

   32. Shandong Jinsidun: Eddy Fobbs, center, Sam Houston State '05

   33. Zhejiang Wanma Cyclones: Curtis Millage, guard, Arizona State '03

   34. Fujian Xunxing: Eric Sandrin, forward, Seattle Pacific '02

   35. Shanghai Dongfang:  Reggie Butler,center, Xavier '01

   36. Jilin Tonggang: Alexus Foyle, forward, BYU Hawaii '03

   37. Liaoning Panpan: Pat Simpson, center, SMU ('05)

   38. Yunnan Honghe Bulls: Dontay Harris, forward

   39. Xinjiang Guanghui: Galen Young, forward, North Carolina-Charlotte '99

   40. Jiangsu Nangang Dragons:  Albert White, guard, Missouri '99

   41. Beijing Shougang: Mohamed Woni, center, Hampton '00

   42. Guangdong Hongyuan Southern Tigers: Michael Ford, guard, West Georgia '06


   Fourth round

   43. Henan Jigang: Damon Jackson, guard, Fresno State '03

   44. Guangdong Dongguan New Century:  Alvin Cruz, guard, Niagra '05

   45. Shanxi Gaitianli:  Darnell Miller, guard, West Georgia '05

   46. Shandong Jinsidun:  Alan Daniels, guard, Lamar University '06

   47. Zhejiang Wanma Cyclones: Brandon Hawkins, guard, San Jose State '03

   48. Fujian Xunxing: Chuks Neboh, center, Portland '00

   49. Shanghai Dongfang:  Simeon Haley, center, Missouri '96

   50. Jilin Tonggang: Bonell Coles, forward, Florida '04

   51. Liaoning Panpan: John Bryant, forward, St.  Joseph's '05

   52. Yunnan Honghe Bulls: Eric Fiegi,forward, Corban College '06

   53. Xinjiang Guanghui: Noah Brown,guard, Appalachian State '05

   54. Jiangsu Nangang Dragons:  Ryan Rourke, forward, Cornell '06

   55. Beijing Shougang: Kenny Tate, guard, Edinboro State '02

   56. Guangdong Hongyuan Southern Tigers:  Obie Trotter, guard, Alabama A & M '05.


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