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True Believer
Nicholas Sparks 
2005-5-11 15:57:34   
True Believer
Nicholas Sparks 

As a science journalist with a regular column in Scientific American, Jeremy Marsh specializes in debunking the supernatural.

This caught the eye of North Carolina restaurant owner Doris McClellan, who invites Jeremy to bucolic Boone Creek to scoop the story of eerie mystery lights appearing in an ancient cemetery.

A born skeptic, Jeremy travels to the small town of Boone Creek, North Carolina, determined to find the real cause behind the ghostly apparitions that appear in the town cemetery.

A diviner who can predict the sex of unborn babies, Doris suspects the lights are a ghostly curse. Lexie Darnell, granddaughter of the town psychic. Lexie makes a Lovely, if guarded tour guide for Jeremy’s ghost hunting work. What Jeremy doesn't plan on however, is falling hopelessly in love with Lexie. And Lexie, while hesitating to trust this outsider, she finds herself thinking of Jeremy more than she cares to admit

She runs the town's library, disappointed by past relationships, including one that lured her away from home, she is sure of one thing: her future is in Boone Creek, close to her grandmother and all the other people she loves.

Jeremy eventually uncovers the hidden truth behind the glowing graveyard fog and departs the lush gothic environs for New York.

Now, if the young lovers are to have any kind of future at all, Jeremy must make a difficult choice: return to the life he knows, or do something he's never done before - take a giant leap of faith.




桃瑞丝是一位能够预知生男生女的占卜师,她说这火光来自魔鬼的诅咒。她的孙女莱克楔·达乃尔给杰里米担任向导。 对待杰里米,莱克楔很友好却又有戒备之心。然而,意想不到事情发生了, 杰里米不可救药地爱上了莱克楔。 而莱克楔虽然因为杰里米是个外乡人而犹豫不决,但是她也发现自己经常会不由自主地想起他。


最终,杰里米揭开了隐藏在墓地皑皑雾气背后的真相, 离开了这个满眼绿野的郊外,回到纽约。

现在,如果这两个年轻的恋人希望看到他们的未来, 杰里米必须要做一个困难的选择:回到他熟悉的世界, 或者做一件从没有做过的事, 越过信仰的鸿沟。


● A story about taking chances and following your heart, True Believer will make you, too, believe in the miracle of love.

Although Sparks' latest starts with great potential, the main characters feel cool and distant; it is the secondary characters who embody the warmth and verve that usually mark Sparks' best-sellers.



Introduction of author
● Name: Nicholas Sparks
● Nationality: American
● Age: December 31, 1965
● Position: Novelist
● Main work:
The Notebook         
Message in a bottle           
A walk to remember

○ 姓名:尼古拉斯·斯巴克斯
○ 国籍:美国
○ 年龄:1965年12月31日
○ 地位:小说家
○ 作品:

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