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On Environment Concerns
2005-7-19 11:25:14

(CRI reporter Zhao Xiaohua interviews William Stevens, Chairman of World Carnival Ltd.)

(William Stevens in CRI studio)

While young people can hardly wait to rush to the huge mobile amusement park, people living in the neighbourhood where the carnival locates are worrying about the possible environmental damage.

Last summer the World Carnival left Beijing with a huge scar on the grassland of the International Sculpture Park.

To help the settlement of the mobile amusement park, about 55,000 square meters of greenery was removed in the last year, including nearly 200 big trees.

This year however, the World Carnival has been more careful in settling people's concerns. An environmental evaluation has been done to the whole project and the report approved.

William Stevens, Chairman of World Carnival Ltd. further explains.

(William Stevens and CRI reporter Zhao Xiaohua)

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