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Zheng He
Yunnan Zheng He ParkZheng He Park in Yunnan
    The Kunyang Town of Southeast China's Yunnan Province is the birthplace of Zheng He.
Zheng HeZhenghe's Tomb
    Zheng He died on his way back from his seventh voyage, and was buried in suburban Nanjing.
Zheng He"Treasure Ship" Park
    The park reproduces Nanjing's prosperous ship-making industry and the sailers' life during the Zheng He era.
Zheng He RoutesNanjing Zheng He Tour Routes
    Tourists to Nanjing can now choose one of the three "Zheng He Routes" to trace the navigator's footsteps.
Zheng He    Speak of the world's first navigators and the names Christopher Columbus or Vasco da Gama flash through a Western mind. Little known are the remarkable feats that a Chinese Muslim Zheng He (Cheng Ho) (1371-1433) had accomplished decades before the two European adventurers.
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Zheng He
Zheng He
Zheng He
Zheng He
Zheng He
Other Ming dynasty attractions
tianlong    In 1381, Emperor Hong Wu sent 300,000 soldiers to conquer Yunnan, thus creating the history of Yunnan and Guizhou...Forbidden City    Another feat of Emperor Yong Le is the construction of the world renowned Forbidden City...nanjing    Most of Zheng He's maritime expedition took place at the time when Nanjing was the capital of the empire...
Great Wall    The 12,000 kilometer-long Great Wall stands on the northern borders of the empire, to keep out Mongolian forces...Ming Warrior    13 of the 16 Ming emperors rested here, including the master Zheng He served, emperor Yong Le...Jimingyi    History witnessed the continuous struggles between the Ming empire and the northern Mongols...
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