'Kekexili' Wins Best Film at Chinese Oscars
2004-12-6 12:25:17     CRIENGLISH.com
Chinese director Lu Chuan's "Kekexili" won the best film award at the 41st Golden Horse Awards on Saturday.

(Chinese director Lu Chuan)

A bleak portrayal of life on a Tibetan plateau won the best film award at the Chinese-language version of the Oscars on Saturday, becoming the first entry from China to bag the top prize in Taiwan.

"Kekexili: Mountain Patrol," a second feature by Chinese director Lu Chuan, beat internationally acclaimed director Wong Kar-wai's latest art house movie "2046" at the 41st Golden Horse Awards, which showcases films from Taiwan, Hong Kong and China.

Hong Kong's Andy Lau took the best actor award for his role in the popular cop drama "Infernal Affairs III," after losing his bid for the title for three years.

The best actress award went to Taiwan's Yang Kuei Mei, a veteran actress and four-time Golden Horse nominee, for her role in "The Moon also Rises" -- a melancholy drama about a divorced single mother and her adolescent daughter in a seaside town.

Cannes winner "2046," about the love life of an erotic novelist played by Hong Kong's Tony Leung, went in to the awards as a favorite with 8 nominations, but only won two trophies--best art direction and best original film score.

It lost best film to "Kekexili," which is based on the true story of a journalist who joins a Tibetan volunteer patrol chasing a ring of poachers trading in antelope wool. The film also took best cinematography for Cao Yu.

(Besy Actor Award winner Andy Lau(L) and Best Actress Award winner Yang Kuei Mei(R)

(Best Actress Award winner Yang Kuei Mei)

(Best Actor in Suport Award winner Daniel Wu)

(Hong Kong director Lee Ang)

(Hong Kong director John Woo and his wife)

(Photo Source: sina)

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