Lycra Style Awards 2004
2004-11-27 13:41:01
The Lycra Style Awards 2004 had a spectacular opening Friday night.

(Hong Kong actress Flora Chan)

(Hong Kong singer and actress CoCo Lee(L) and Chinese mainland actor and singer Chen Kun(R)

(Hong Kong star Peter Ho)

The long anticipated Lycra Style Awards 2004, held by Shanghai Television's popular Channel Young, had a spectacular opening Friday night.

The hottest stars and models from the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan and all over the world showed up in a hip demonstration of the new concept of all-around entertainment awards. They included Hong Kong actress Flora Chan, singer and member of the popular pop band Twins, Gillian Chung, plus renowned designer Philip Treacy and super model Alek Wek.

Chinese diving queen Guo Jingjing won the Style Sports Award, only a week after she and diving prince Tian Liang topped the same award at the MTV Style Awards 2004, well-known to Chinese people as an annual super galaheld by the entertainment giant MTV company.

Hong Kong singer and actress CoCo Lee was crowned Asian Style Artist, while Chinese star Fan Bingbing and Li Bingbing pocketed the Chinese Mainland Style Artists awards.

Hosted by top Taiwan beauty and model, Chiling Lin, and Hong Kong singer Terence Yin, the style feast also announced other awards and winners, such as the Style Achievements Award to Jin Yuxi; the World Top-class Model Award went to Alek Wek, the Style Music Achievements Award to Jay Chow and Hong Kong Style Female Singers, the Twins.


Lycra Style Awards а佱
Chiling Lin ־
Terence Yin ά
Gillian Chung ͩ
Flora Chan »ɺ
Peter Ho
Sharla Cheung
Edison Chen ¹ϣ


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