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China contributes to world economic revitalization: expert
   2016-09-23 07:35:50    CRIENGLISH.com      Web Editor: Xie Cheng

Experts with a leading US policy think-tank are suggesting the recent trip to New York by Chinese Premier Li Keqiang is helping set the table for China to become a leading player in global economic governance.

CRI's Xie Cheng has more.


The Brookings Institute is one of a number of US-based policy advisory groups which kept close tabs on what Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said as part of his time in and around the UN General Assembly in New York this week.

Cheng Li is the Director of the Thorton China Center at the Brookings.

He suggests Li Keqiang's time in New York has reinforced the common belief that China is hoping to be a world leader in pushing for sustainable development strategies.

"China's perspective actually is longstanding view that the poverty, economic disparity, and social injustice are the root cause of the tensions, hatred, terrorism and war so therefore to provide a job opportunity is very important to change the problem and to try to provide the long-term hope for the poor people and therefore we will create a so-called harmonious society."

As part of his time at the United Nations, Li Keqiang delivered a series of financial promises for dealing with some of the world's major issues at the moment.

Among them is a 100-million U.S. dollar pledge to help countries and international organizations with the current refugee situation.

By becoming involved in supporting refugees, Cheng Li with Brookings says the Chinese government is signaling it wants to shoulder more international responsibility.

"In recent years, not only this time. Last year President Xi Jinping also made a really big commitment and also in the G20 meeting in Hangzhou just a few weeks ago, China also made a similar kind of commitment. You can see the pattern China now moves to the front and tries to take responsibility and contribute to global governance."

Meanwhile, Cheng Li with Brookings says there is a concern about certain groups in both China, as well as the United States, who would like to limit their country's globalization strategies.

"The United States is the largest beneficiary of the economic globalization revitalization but you see that these two countries all have strong backlash or anti-globalization movements. But China now takes the leading role to push for economic globalization. So it's not a matter of what you like, or you don't like. This is an inevitable trend, so China wants to be part of that and play a very positive role to promote (that), whether it be the ideological perspective or worldview, or concrete methods like emphasis on infrastructure development and trade."

The Chinese premier met with US President Barack Obama in New York on Sept 19, during which Li Keqiang called for concerted efforts to promote economic and trade ties between the world's top two economies.

For CRI, I'm Xie Cheng.



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