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"For A Few Bullets", Compared to New Journey to The West
   2016-04-17 15:22:47    CRIENGLISH.com      Web Editor: Fei Fei

Actress Zhang Jingchu (left) and actor Lin Gengxin (right) promote their film "For A Few Bullets" on Thursday, April 14, 2016 in Beijing. [Photo: CRIENGLISH.com]

Chinese actress Liu Xiaoqing and musician Tengger, along with the director of the film "For a Few Bullets" have taken time to meet with reporters on the sidelines of this year's Beijing International Film Festival.

CRI's Fei Fei has more.


"For A Few Bullets" or Kuai Shou Qiang Shou Kuai Qiang Shou in Chinese, is an action-comedy by young director Pan Anzi.

In addition to leading roles played by actress Zhang Jingchu and actor Lin Gengxin, the film also features Liu Xiaoqing and Tengger, who play a couple.

"In the film, I play a woman who loves Tengger without hestitation. The most interesting parts of the filming for me included Tengger pleading with me while kneeling on a washboard, as well as giving me a foot massage!"

Despite his heartfelt sentiment toward his on-screen wife, Tengger plays a former mobster who ends up teaming up with a police officer to solve a case involving the theft of artifacts in the rugged Gobi Desert.

"I play a retired gangster named Shi Fo. Though I'm retired, the case itself draws me into the investigation. I think what drew me to portraying this character is the fact his life is so different from my real life. This is why I pleaded with the director to give me this chance."

Tengger teams up with lead actress Zhang Jingchu, who plays a beautiful but aloof gunfighter in the film.

Young actor Lin Gengxin, best known for his role in the TV series "Scarlet Heart," plays Zhang's lover.

Director Pan Anzi says his casting decisions are part of the reason he thinks the film will resonate with the Chinese audience.

"Lin Gengxin, Zhang Jingchu, Tengger and Liu Xiaoqing all portray the roles that are well out of their comfort-zones. This should make it interesting for those who see the movie. I think this is one obvious draw for my film."

Liu Xiaoqing says she figured out early-on that it was her role to make people laugh.

"In this film, they, the other four people, are telling stories. My goal is simply to make you smile. In truth, I have no real role in the story-line itself, and I have no idea what on earth they're actually doing. But I think I was able to compliment the story through some humor."

Director Pan Anzi says the script had to be revised around 15-times before they finally discovered the right mix of humor and story-line.

"In fact, the story itself sort of mirrors 'Journey to the West'. Zhang Jingchu's role is the same as Buddhist monk Xuanzang. While the Sutra is not the most important element of 'Journey to the West', the process to hunt for it is fascinating. At the same time, my story also sees the four main characters slowly losing their anxiety toward one-another, which eventually sees them become a team on a thrilling and funny treasure-hunt."

Post-production for the film, which took around a year, is now complete.

"For A Few Bullets" is scheduled to hit Chinese theatres on July 15th.

Promotion for the film has already been in high-gear, even before the start of this year's Beijing International Film Festival.

For CRI, I'm Fei Fei

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