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Virtual Reality Takes Center Stage at MWC 2016
   2016-02-26 20:34:07    CRIENGLISH.com      Web Editor: Huang Yue

Visitors walk in front of the ZTE stand at the Mobile World Congress 2016 in Barcelona, Spain, Feb. 22, 2016. The Mobile World Congress (MWC), the most important mobile communication event in the world, opened its doors in Barcelona on Monday. [Photo: Xinhua/Lino De Vallier]

Virtual Reality technology featured prominently at the just-concluded Mobile World Congress 2016 in Barcelona, Spain.

CRI's Min Rui has more.


The biggest thrill at the Mobile World Congress is a white-knuckle roller coaster ride.

At the Samsung booth, people are lining up all day to take a virtual ride.

"Well, it was an amazing experience. I really enjoyed it. It is like being there, it is like a real feeling."

Everywhere you look on the show floor people are trying on different VR headsets, playing different VR games, or testing new VR applications.

Nicole Scott, editor of technology website Mobilegeeks, says VR technology is improving.

"Everybody is talking about VR this year. it is because the technology is finally there that the average person is not going to feel sick when they use it. So the frame rates are up, the displays are there. And we are starting to get enough content that you can have more than just one demo."

Samsung is showing off its Gear VR headset at the show, attracting crowds of visitors to experience the fresh technology.

It uses the screen of a Samsung Smartphone that is slid in to the headset and then acts as the screen.

Devindra Hardawar enjoyed the Samsung Gear VR headset a lot.

"So instead of just staring at a photo, or staring at a video, you put on a headset and you are there. You are at a specific historic event, you are in a friend's house. Something like that."

But in the future, VR will not just be for gaming. Kevin Curran, professor of Computer Science at Ulster University, says VR technology will be for everything and everyone.

"We will see VR in driverless cars when people go to work on the subway, on trams on the bicycles. VR will just be everywhere because it is that perfect product that turns online experience into an immersive online experience."

Canadian Summit Tech has developed a software which allows virtual reality meetings, using 360 degree cameras placed in meeting rooms or cafes.

People can join as avatars while wearing the headsets, or can call in from their phones, just using the standard smartphone camera.

Alido Di Giovanni, the president of Summit Tech, introduces his product to people.

"We feel that VR isolates people, disconnects people even. Virtual experiences where they are alone or with virtual characters may attract a certain crowd, but you know, the human experience is about connecting people together, and how do we get people to actually want to us it and connect with people in real time. So we have added communication services with VR, standards based features such as video calling on regular telecom networks."

Experts say that VR will be the next innovation to change people's lives following the smart phone revolution.

However, VR content is considered to be lagging behind.

Wang Tong, chief technical officer of Samsung's Chinese branch, calls for VR content to keep up with hardware.

"Content is a problem for VR technology. Our product enables users to create their own VR content which can also be shared through sharing platforms. It provides consumers a quick channel to experience the wonderful world of VR technology."

This reality has become a challenge to market players who have made heavy investment in the VR area.

For CRI, I'm Min Rui.

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