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The Most Dreaded Spring Festival Question: Are You Married?
Recent surveys by a youth group show that more than 80 percent of single youths in China are constantly under pressure from their parents to get married.As familial pressures are at an all-time high during big holiday gatherings such as the Spring Festival, many young people in China have developed a "fear of going home."
Foreigners View on Chinese Spring Festival
Many foreigners in China for Spring Festival, the country's most important festival of the year, are using the occasion to learn about China and its people.
Carnival Spirit Lights Up Through Generations During Spring Festival
One of the activities that people enjoy during the Lunar New Year is taking part in temple fairs, which have become a staple of Spring Festival celebrations in China.
Overseas Travel by Chinese Mainlanders Reaches New High during Spring Festival
As people prepare to mark the Year of the Monkey, a majority of people in China use the holiday to reunite with their families.
Hongbao, Chinese Red Envelop Goes Digital
One of the great traditions of Spring Festival here in China is the handing out of little red envelopes. They're called Hongbao, and have lucky money inside, as a way of wishing good fortune in the year ahead.
Preparations for the Chinese Lunar New Year Kicked into High Gear
Preparations for the Chinese Lunar New Year have kicked into high gear across China as people head outdoors to shop at urban and rural fairs.

Dubai's Landmark Lights up to Celebrate Spring Festival in UAE

People Celebrate Chinese Lunar New Year at Manhattan's Chinatown in New York

Red Packets

Temple Fair

Dragon Dance


Spring Couplets
Thousands of Chinese Tourists Celebrate Lunar New Year in Indonesia's Bali
The Indonesian tourism ministry has kicked off its first- ever Chinese New Year celebrations where more than 1,300 Chinese tourists were present.
Monkey King Actor Participates in Fire Monkey Event in New York
Actor Liu Xiao Ling Tong is in New York to participate in a Spring Festival celebration.
E-firecrackers Popular in Shanghai as Real Ones Banned
As Shanghai bans firecrackers at Chinese Lunar New Year celebrations, electronic substitutes are an attractive alternative.
CPC Wechat Gives Lucky Money, Using Xi Jinping's Speech as Passwords
In the run up to the Chinese Lunar New Year, the Communist Party of China's Organization Department has created a Wechat account to distribute 300,000-yuan worth of lucky money.

The 12 animals that appear on the Chinese Zodiac calendar include a rat, buffalo,tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog and pig. It's an unusual combination of animals for sure, and their appearance on the Chinese Zodiac is the topic of countless legends and is deeply embedded in Chinese mythology.

• China to Issue Commemorative Coins for Coming Year of Monkey

The People's Bank of China has announced plans to release 500 million 10-yuan commemorative coins ahead of the Year of the Monkey. The coins will be issued on January 16th, a couple weeks ahead of the start of the Lunar New Year.
The coins will be issued on January 16th, a couple weeks ahead of the start of the Lunar New Year.Collectors can make reservations to purchase the coins starting on January 6th.

• A Memory: Chinese Zodiac Stamps from 1980 to 2015

2016 marks the start of the fourth generation of Chinese zodiac stamps, which begins with stamps commemorating the Year of the Monkey. Let's take a look at some Chinese zodiac stamps from the past. Four stamps from the first generation of Chinese zodiac stamps.

• Canada Post Issues Stamps to Mark Chinese Year of Monkey

A poster showing the sample of Monkey Year stamps is seen at a post office in Toronto, Jan. 11, 2016. Canada Post issued the Year of the Monkey domestic rate stamps and collectibles on Monday in celebration of the upcoming Chinese Lunar Year of the Monkey.

• Chinese Welcome Stamp of "Monkey with 2 Babies"

China's newly issued lunar New Year stamp has become a topic for its design that coincidentally echoes with the country's new two-child policy.
On one of the two stamps, released by China Post on Tuesday to mark the Year of the Monkey, a monkey holds a pair of baby monkeys in its arms while the twins kiss their parent.

Chinese Disabled Artists Perform to Celebrate Lunar New Year in Panama

Chinese New Year Celebration Held in Toronto

Musical Show 'My Dream, Chinese New Year 2016' Staged in Mexico

Hong Kong Holds Parade to Celebrate Chinese Lunar New Year

Canadian PM Gives Chinese Lunar New Year Greetings in 2016 Dragon Ball Gala

Monkey King Actor Participates in Fire Monkey Event in New York

Lantern Festival Celebrated on Zhengzhou-based High-speed Train

Lantern Festival Celebrated on Zhengzhou-based High-speed Train

Dragon Dance Contest Held in Wuhan, C China

Cooks Make Yuanxiao for Upcoming Lantern Festival in Beijing

A Thousand-Man New Year's Dinner Party Held in Guangzhou

Back-up Bullet Train Serves during Transport Rush

Macao Chamber of Commerce Holds Spring Festival Gathering

Spring Festival Holiday Trips Hit Record High

When Traditional Chinese Wedding Meets the Spring Fesitval

10 Million Rail Trips on the Last Day of Spring Festival Holiday

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