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Angelababy Co-stars Ethan Ruan in Kill Time
   2016-01-13 09:42:46    CRIENGLISH.com      Web Editor: Xu

Taiwan actor Ethan Ruan (left), actress Rayza Re Yi Zha (center) and "little fresh-meat" actor Zhang Chao (right) attend a promotional press conference held in Beijing on January 7, 2016 for an upcoming crime thriller Kill Time.[Photo: CRIENGLISH.com]

Anchor: China's most popular suspense novelist Cai Jun will see another one of his mysteries, also a romance-novel to hit the big screen on the upcoming Valentine's Day.

The film "Mou Sha Si Shui Nian Hua" ("ıɱˮ껪"), or "Kill Time" in English, also marks Angelababy's first on-screen collaboration with Ethan Ruan.

Our reporter Xu Fei has the details.


Chinese model-actress Angelababy will star opposite actor Ethan Ruan, who is almost seven years older than her, as a couple in the crime thriller movie Kill Time, out on February 14th.

However, still in hospital due to a serious cold, Angelababy didn't join a promotional press conference held recently in Beijing, which director Fruit Chan led other main cast members, including Ethan Ruan, Zhang Chao and Rayza Re Yi Zha.

Hong Kong filmmaker Fruit Chan has disclosed at the event that his attempt to adapt the novel for the big screen may actually date back years ago.

"I read the novel five years ago. I tried every possible means to purchase its copyright, but had failed. I felt the story plot, which related to the young adult development, would arouse interest of young viewers in China, where teen films were just in a start-up phase, however, I didn't realize my ideals then."

The film tells a story about how buying a scarf could become fatal!

Tian Xiaomai, (С) portrayed by Angelababy, stumbles onto an obscure website called Witch's Zone as she's looking for a copy of her late father's favorite song. The mysterious website warns that only one purchase is allowed but Xiaomai can't resist buying another mauve scarf.

The scarf triggers her memories and becomes a vital clue in a mysterious murder.

Though Ethan Ruan plays her love interest, there's a third person who meddles and derails their love affair, as "little fresh-meat" boy Zhang Chao explains:

"My role in the movie is Sheng Zan (ʢ), who comes from a wealthy family. Both my character and Ethan Ruan's character love Tian Xiaomai. So we are hostile towards each other. In fact, we all live in a miserable environment, where we experience our adulthood and gradually grow up."

The movie has actually not only told a story about what happens to these young people but also salvaged memories dating back to Tian Xiaomai's father's generation.

That feature makes Fruit Chan confident when comparing it with other teen films.

"Cai Jun's novel covers two generations from parents to their children. Parents also grow up from young adults, so Kill Time has a much bigger ambition than any other movies on teen topics."

Director Fruit Chan is famous for his directorial works in several thriller films including "The Midnight After", "Don't Look Up" and "Dumplings".

Kill Time, based on a novel written by Cai Jun, is Fruit Chan's first commercial film that targets audiences on the mainland. Thriller fans may wait to pen a date in cinemas for the 14th of February.

For Studio Plus, I'm Xu Fei.

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