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Zheng Kai's New Movie to Hit Theatres Next Month
   2015-10-13 10:12:44    CRIENGLISH.com      Web Editor: Xu

Chinese actor Zheng Kai (left) and his co-star Rayza Re Yi Zha (right) promote their upcoming romantic comedy La Historia Ou Un Amor ,Lin Shi Yan Yuan in Chinese, in Beijing on October 9th, 2015. [Photo: CRIENGLISH.com]

Anchor: China's rising A-list actor Zheng Kai's new romantic comedy Lin Shi Yan Yuan (ʱԱ), literally translated into 'Extra' in English, will hit theatres next month nationwide.

Zheng and his co-star Rayza Re Yi Zha () have recently promoted their new film together in Beijing. Xu Fei was there at the promotional event and filed this report.


Following Zheng Kai's film 'Young For You', which was due for release in November, another movie 'Extra' which also stars this increasingly popular actor is scheduled to hit big screens on the 26th of same month.

Zheng Kai said, however, the film may not be what its name indicates.

"The film has little to do with the filmin process and those involved like actors or actresses. The film tells a story of romance between a famous film star and her ordinary boy friend. I found the story rather intriguing."

Zheng Kai plays Li Feifan, a small potato who strives for realizing his ideal. Li Feifan's occupation is a temp actor, which gives him a chance to get to know a big film star. Since then, his life has changed dramatically.

Rayza Re Yi Zha plays the film star.
Rayza's most famous TV role is Ning Gui Ren, a young, favored concubine of Emperor Yong Zheng in The Legend of Zhen Huan.

Rayza thinks her new movie presents the post-80s generation in real life.

"Apparently the film contains elements including both luxury cars and beauty. But the film also reveals more about our post-80s generation, either those in the spotlight or ordinary citizens, all work hard to pursue our ideal."

Famous TV host-turned actor Cao Yang also has a role in this movie. From acting to hosting, Cao Yang wants to prove himself as the best fit for the part he plays in it.

"My role has two distinctive characteristics: it shares similarities with my present occupation since a reporter also works for the media. Secondly, I portray a patient with a terminal disease. I play an important part since I'm the person who caused all the conflicts and accidents that had taken place in the story."

Cao Yang's role is, in fact, an entertainment reporter, who often hides himself in a corner to shoot moments of the film star's private life.

Unlike Cao Yang, whose role in the film shares similarities with his real-life career, veteran Chinese mainland actor Guo Xiaodong acts a wealthy businessman, a thorough breakthrough from his previous roles usually as a "phoenix man", who came from humble beginnings, made his way through school, exhausted resources of his family in the process, and eventually succeeded.

Expectations for this film may also go to other heavyweight-supporting roles such as Hong Kong actor with the TVB network Bowie Lam and award-winning mainland actress Yin Tao.

But whether it is a film worth watching, please check out on your behalf in the theatre on November 26th.

For Studio Plus, I'm Xu Fei.

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