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Box Office Queen Bai Baihe's New Movie to Hit Theatres Soon
   2015-08-11 10:28:00    CRIENGLISH.com      Web Editor: Xu

Chinese actress Bai Baihe speaks at the premiere of her new film Go Away Mr. Tumor on August 5, 2015 in Beijing.[Photo: CRIENGLISH.com]


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Anchor: Following the fantasy comedy, Monster Hunt, which has become one of the highest-grossing domestic films in China, Chinese actress Bai Baihe has another tragic movie set to hit theatres nationwide in China this coming Thursday.

Bai's new movie Go Away Mr. Tumor is about how 29-year-old cartoonist Xiong Dun was facing up to all the difficulties in her battle against cancer with an optimistic mind.

Xu Fei has more.


Reporter: This is the third time for rising star Bai Baihe to potray a movie character with an incurable disease, following "A Wedding Invitation" or Fen-Shou-He-Yue in Chinese (分手合约)and also "The Stolen Years" or Bei-Tou-Zou-De-Na-Wu-Nian in Chinese(被偷走的那五年).

The actress said that the role of talented cartoonist Xiong Dun in her upcoming movie is one that she found herself most emotionally attached to.

Bai Baihe has oftentimes acted in the movies of tragedy genre. She says this time, her role is different from the previous ones.

The Stolen Years and A Wedding Invitation are both tragic love stories, which are completely different from this Xiong Dun's film. The previous two movies would provoke one's thinking on the ways how he or she should get along with the lover. However, after watching this movie about Xiong Dun, moviegoers are expected to better understand that we should return care to those who have once generously given us care and love."

"Go Away Mr. Tumor" is an adaptation of a popular cartoon drawn by Xiong Dun, a talented cartoonist who died of cancer in 2012. Once diagnosed with cancer, she decided to portray her fight against her tumor.

Despite having passed away a few months later, Xiong's optimism has inspired a large number of netizens. Celebrities including pop diva Faye Wang and popular actress Yao Chen have voiced their support for this young cartoonist on Sina Weibo.

Bai said that she used to leave messages on Xiong Dun's Sina Weibo page too. However potraying her in a film gives Bai Baihe a unique opportunity to get a closer look at Xiong Dun's life.

"Xiong Dun is neither a completely tragic character nor an inspiring one. I like her and also value this opportunity to portray her for she has many sides to her personality. She never hid her feelings, including likes and dislikes. When I stayed with XIong Dun, I knew I had to portray her, thus I have to overcome my affections and all my sad feelings for her but instead, devote more energy to portraying her optimistic side."

Earlier reports said the first half of the movie is quite light-hearted, while the second half is tinged with pains and sadness as the heroine's health condition deteriorates.

And as the story plot develops, viewers are about getting immersed into a world of Xiong Dun's ups and downs, but they're more hoped to get moved with her optimistic, strong mind.

Director Han Yan thinks this is what his film tries to convey.

"As soon as I read the script and also during the shooting, I couldn't help crying badly. Bai Baihe's portrayal of Xiong Dun has moved everyone of us in the shooting team to tears. But here I want to reiterate: our goal is not arousing tragic emotions in moviegoers but letting them know there are such persons that can face trouble with smile."

Another leading role in Go Away Mr. Tumor is Hong Kong American actor, director Daniel Wu, who also said he's deeply moved by the girl's strong character.

Xiong Dun once said that she would like to use her smile to dispel all the gloom. It's believed that viewers can gain more of this positive energy towards life through getting into the story of this cheerful girl.

"Go Away Mr. Tumor" will be released nationwide on August, 13th, 2015.

For Studio Plus, I'm Xu Fei.

Poster of Go away, Mr. Tumor shows the release date for this film will be August 13, 2015.[Photo: Mtime.com]

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