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Yang Mi and Lu Han Promote Their New Film The Witness
   2015-08-05 08:25:44    CRIENGLISH.com      Web Editor: Xu

Chinese mainland actress Yang Mi (left) and singer Lu Han (right) promote their new film the Witness at a press conference held in Beijing on August 2, 2015. [Photo: CRIENGLISH.com]

Anchor: A new Chinese suspense movie, the Witness, will soon hit theatres in China. Starring Yang Mi and Lu Han, the film is a remake of the Korean suspense thriller, Blind.

Recently the two lead roles have promoted their upcoming film in Beijing. Xu Fei was there at their promotional press conference and filed this report.


Reporter: After topping box office with recently released Chinese movie Miss Granny or "Chong Fan Er Shi Sui" (重返20岁), Chinese singer Lu Han will be back on the big screens in October as the male lead of another Chinese movie the Witness or Wo Shi Zheng Ren in Chinese(我是证人).

Despite an accidental slip in roller skates on the platform that day when being asked to show his newly-trained athletic abilities, Lu Han says he really wanted to regain the roller skating skills as soon as he was chosen for the role.

"I've never roller skated since I entered junior high school. So I think I almost forgot the skills required for this sport. As soon as I was informed I'd been selected, I lost little time in getting myself in intensive training of roller skating."

Originally a Korean movie released in 2011, Blind is a thriller and crime-based movie starring Yoo Seung Ho and Kim Ha Neul. With the popularity of the original award-winning film, the New Clues Film and Jaywalk Studio co-produced this Chinese remake, the Witness.

The movie is about a blind girl and young boy who accidentally become the witnesses of a rainy night kidnapping, however, their testimonies are entirely contradictory. And despite that, the two witnesses collaborate to hunt down the murderer.

To get ready for the new movie, both the leading roles needed to acquire new skills. In addition to Lu Han's intensive training of roller skating abilities, actress Yang Mi also needs to tackle her first ever challenging role as a young girl who lives through a car accident but loses her eyesight.

Lu Han describes his partner's acting skills in portraying a blind character.

"I couldn't help giving her a hand for I thought she's really unable to see during our shooting together."

Speaking highly of each other, Yang Mi also gives the details on how she's made preparations prior to the shooting.

"I have been under huge pressure to portray a blind girl. In addition to focusing my attention on how other actors and actresses portray blind characters in other films, I also visited dark rooms to gain an experience of blindness. Meanwhile I made visits to blind people's home where I carefully observed and recorded every details of their life via mobile phone. In our new film, there are scenes about the blind girl who cook and do cleaning in the house, which may be totally out of ordinary people's imagination that this handicapped group of people could live on their own."

The director of the Witness Ahn Sang-hoon (安相勋) also directed the 2011 South Korean crime thriller film Blind.

The Witness, which has gained support from a professional production team from South Korea, including veteran thriller films' director Ahn Sang-hoon, also put a lot of efforts in all aspects of the movie, including shooting, action, costumes and more.

And drawing considerable public attention so far, the movie is due for release on October 30th.

For Studio Plus, I'm Xu Fei.

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