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A Running Race among Chinese Superstars to Be Adapted into Film
   2014-12-30 14:20:25    CRIENGLISH.com      Web Editor: Xu

A printed picture that advertises the film 'Chinese Running Man' [Photo: agencies]

Anchor: You simply can't help laughing as soon as you find a popular Chinese actor sailing a pool in a big paper box or singing karaoke on a roller coaster?

A comedy film, which is produced on the basis of a popular game-variety show, "Running Man" or Ben-Pao-Ba-Xiong-Di (ֵܰ) in Chinese, may test how you would be most amused.

Xu Fei has more.


Reporter: The film has its trailer recently released with its main cast, including Hong Kong-based model-actress Angela Baby, popular Chinese actor Wang Baoqiang and Zheng Kai, all of whom are dramatically changed in the form of stone-statues from ancient times.

The film 'Chinese Running Man' is based on a Chinese variety show broadcast on Zhejiang Television. In the program, everyone should keep running in a race. Since it was first aired in October this year, the show, which invites the participation of famed Chinese actors and actress, has become incredibly popular among Chinese audiences.

Popular Chinese actor Zheng Kai is a member of Chu Team, with the Han Team as their competitor in the race. At the mention of his speed of running, Zheng is brimming with confidence.

"I used to be a national level male sprinter of China. I have been a fast runner since I was a kid. Kim Jong Kook is not my competitor at all."

During shooting this show, Zheng disclosed his agility had even caused problems for the crew.

"I'm the fastest runner of all seven participants, causing our photographers' failure to follow me up in several cases. Without that recording, I had to repeat."

Along with other game players, such as Chinese-actor Li Chen, Chen He and Hong Kong TV host-singer-actor Wong Cho-lam, Zheng would not only join the entertaining TV shows but act in the film.

Originally, Running Man is a South Korean variety show, and has made a splash across Asia.

In light of the growing influence of Korean pop culture on Chinese audiences, the Zhejiang Satellite TV signed a deal with the Seoul Broadcasting System, to jointly produce a Chinese version of the series, which is now being aired.

In each episode, the masters of ceremony and guests compete against each other in weird but zany games of all sorts.

The film, which also stars famous South Korean singer Kim Jong Kook, is scheduled to hit the Chinese cinemas on January 30th.

For Studio Plus, I'm Xu Fei.



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