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Girls Interpret Their Roles in Inside the Girls
   2014-08-19 16:32:07    CRIENGLISH.com      Web Editor: Xu

Poster for the film, Inside the Girls [Photo: CRIENGLISH.com]

Anchor: Chinese mainland thriller "Inside the Girls" tells a story that took place in a girls' dormitory at a medical college in 1930. This movie is scheduled to hit the big screen next month.

In an exclusive interview with our reporter, three leading actresses in the film elaborate their first-ever experience to perform in a thriller film. Xu Fei has more.


Reporter: "Will you go to the cinema for a mainland suspense thriller like Inside the Girls?"

"Inside the Girls" is a story on two girls who moved into an old haunted dormitory and thereafter they began getting involved in mysterious deaths of their roomies.

Chinese singer-actress Wen Xin played Xia Mengqian, one of the main characters.

"The director has high demand for my performance. Every segment is a torture for me. In this film, nearly all my parts are portraying various types of emotions. This demands a strict accuracy in my portrayal. The director would demand each of my scenes to be repeated at least 20 times until she is satisfied."

Acting in a suspense thriller film is often a challenging task for an actress because they have to present certain psychological traits. Another leading actress from "Inside the Girls" Zhao Duona told us that after she decided to accept the role she watched many suspense thrillers which she never watched before.

Zhao Duona also reveals in the exclusive interview what she thinks of the role she plays.

"I act Fang Huiru, a quiet girl. Wang Ziqiao, Xia Mengqian and I share a dormitory. Because of Fang's quietness, I have to dedicate more to exhibiting Fang's emotion and inner world via my performance. Fang is a complicated character, so it's a big challenge for me."

Another leading actress Zhao Mei-tong is opposite in temperament with her other two peers in real life, and she calls herself a brave person. But in the movie she plays a timid girl.

"I portray a character opposite to my real personality. I'm brave in real life. But in the film I acted a timid, superstitious girl, who knows a little about fortune-telling methods. I use words like "lovely" and "quick-witted" to describe her and she also has a strong sense of justice."

Unlike other thriller films produced on the Chinese mainland, the movie "Inside the Girls" hires relatively unknown actors rather than familiar faces.

But those behind the films are heavyweights, including Golden Horse Award winner, costume and makeup artist Chen Tongxun and famous producer-turned director Liang Ting.

"Inside the Girls" will hit big screens around China starting from September 12th.

For Studio Plus, I'm XU Fei.



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