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About China Radio International
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Founded on December 3, 1941, China Radio International (CRI) is a state-run radio station broadcasting to a global audience. We aim to introduce China to the world, as well as introduce the world to China. We cover both domestic and global affairs, and are committed to promoting understanding and friendship between China and the world.

CRI is headquartered in Beijing, China.

Using 61 languages, CRI has the most language services among all global media organizations. Our multimedia platform includes radio, Internet, mobile web, television and print.

As of 2011, we had 70 overseas urban radio service branches, three domestic FM radio services and 18 Internet radio services. We have established 32 overseas correspondent bureaus, and by cooperating with international news agencies and media groups, including the Associated Press and Reuters, we present timely, accurate and comprehensive coverage of global events.

Committed to enhancing mutual understanding between China and the rest of the world, we have opened 12 Confucius Classrooms worldwide, benefiting Chinese-language learners and promoting Chinese culture.

So far, CRI has 4,112 listeners' clubs located around the globe. In 2011, we received more than 3 million pieces of feedback from our listeners in 161 countries and regions.

CRI's current director-general is Mr. Wang Gengnian.


Hara Kiyosi back to Yan'an in the 1990s

December 3, 1941
It was during China's War of Resistance against the Japanese Aggression. From a cave in Yan'an in northwestern China, the voice of Japanese-Chinese announcer Hara Kiyosi marked the beginning of China's overseas broadcasting.

September 11, 1947
China's voice reached the English-speaking world for the first time. Ms. Wei Lin is CRI's very first English announcer. A witness to CRI's transformation from a rickety wartime broadcasting station, Wei Lin retired in 1983, but continued to do part-time work as a volunteer.

When the People's Republic of China was founded in 1949, we moved from the Taihang Mountains to Beijing, the capital. During the years, we changed our name from Radio Peking to Radio Beijing, and finally, China Radio International.

CRI went online in 1997 with the test-launch of its English-language Website CRIENGLISH.com. A year later on December 26, 1998, CRI Online was officially launched. It is a cluster of Websites in different languages. Today, CRI Online provides information in 61 languages, and has become one of China's leading news portals.

February 27, 2006
CRI launched its first overseas FM radio station, CRI Nairobi FM 91.9, in Nairobi, Kenya.

November 19, 2006
CRI's Vientiane FM radio station (FM 93.0) was launched with a ceremony in Vientiane, Laos. The event was attended by Chinese President Hu Jintao and Laotian President Choummaly Sayasone.

December 6, 2007
A ceremony was held at CRI headquarters in Beijing to mark the opening of CRI's Confucius Classrooms. Since then, CRI has opened 12 Confucius Classrooms for Chinese-language learners in Kenya, Japan, Russia, Mongolia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Italy, Tunisia, Australia and Tanzania.

Click to watch the video about CRI.

October 23, 2009
CRI worked with Guangxi Radio Station to launch "The Voice of Beibu Bay Radio". This introduced a new operating model where a state-level radio station cooperated with local media. So far, CRI has established radio stations in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, and Jilin and Heilongjiang and Yunnan provinces, which border neighboring countries. In doing so, CRI hopes to establish a network of radio stations that targets audiences in the countries and regions that border China.

July 16, 2009
CRI Mobile was officially launched. It is China's first multimedia English-language Website optimized for mobile devices. Mobile phone users only need to type "m.cri.cn" to gain access to news, business, showbiz and travel information, as well as a Chinese-language learning studio, and audio and video content. In 2011, the French and Spanish versions were launched.

January 18, 2011
China International Broadcasting Network (CIBN) was formally established. It is a multilingual and multifunctional broadcasting organization run by CRI. Acknowledging the fast development of the Internet and mobile web, the establishment of CIBN marked CRI's entry into the field of new media. CIBN aims to create a multilingual, multimedia, multi-terminal online network offering programs in video and audio, mobile radio and TV, IPTV and Internet TV formats.



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CRIENGLISH.com holds neither liability nor responsibility for materials attributed to any other source. Such information is provided as reportage and dissemination of information but does not necessarily reflect the opinion of or endorsement by CRI.

About CRI  
Founded on December 3, 1941, China Radio International (CRI) is a state-run radio station broadcasting to a global audience. Using 61 languages, CRI has the most language services among all global media organizations.
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