People in the Know
Understanding CPC
For more than six decades, the ever-changing domestic and international environment has put the Communist Party of China to the test. So, looking ahead, what opportunities and challenges does the CPC face? How can the CPC best seize the opportunities, while tackling the challenges both home and abroad?
• 2013-11-08 CPC's Upcoming Plenary Session
What measures can we expect from this upcoming plenum to further expand China's reform and opening up?
• 2013-11-07 Terrorism Threat Facing China
What can China and its neighbours in Central Asia do to counter terrorism?
• 2013-11-06 A Conversation with Greek Ambassador to China
How can China and Greece foster closer economic and cultural links?
• 2013-11-05 EU-US Row over Spying Affairs
What are the motives behind the US spying on its closest allies?
• 2013-11-04 Private Start-ups in China
What do experts think about these new reforms?
• 2013-11-1 Will Cyprus Become a New Investment Heaven for China?  
What sets Cyprus apart from other European destinations?
• 2013-10-31 Will Today's Young Western Middle Class Fare Worse Than Their Parents? 
Why is the middle class facing a decline in Britain?
• 2013-10-30 What does the US debt Mean to China? 
What do experts think are the economic implications of China owning so much US national debt?
• 2013-10-29 Protectionism in its New Forms
What way are these new forms of protectionism affecting global trade?
• 2013-10-26 Science Behind China's Holiday Arrangement 
Should the arrangements for Chinese holidays be changed?
• 2013-10-25 Expansion of Chinese firms abroad: motivations and destinations(2)  
Where and how are Chinese firms investing abroad?
• 2013-10-24 Expansion of Chinese firms abroad: risks and opportunities (1)  
How can we categorise and describe Chinese investments in foreign nations?
• 2013-10-23 Christopher Hill on China-US ties
How can China and the US seek more cooperation on international issues?
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The program is one of China Radio International's flagship news program broadcasted every Monday to Friday. By interviewing high-profile guests both from home and abroad, the program provides CRI listeners an in-depth coverage about the hot issues in domestic and international politics, diplomacy, economy, science, technology, culture and sport.

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