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• Learning through Fun! Soccer and English Camp?
School's out for summer and many Beijing parents are looking for a way for their kids to have fun activities while getting ahead academically.
• Street Talk- Reactions over China's Tainted Bottled Water and Food Quality
Authorities have since removed 31 brands of barreled water from supermarket shelves.
• Public Libraries Falling Short with Books for Beijing's Tots?
In China, many parents emphasize education for their children, but public library facilities don't always provide the necessary tools.
• Knigge Akademie Teaches Western Etiquette for Business Chinese
Germany's Knigge Akademie is known for its training in manners in Germany and in Europe.
• 'Slow Food' Trend Picking up Speed in Beijing'
In recent years, China has absorbed a wide range of culinary influences from around the world.
• No Pai Dui, You Needn't Queue! Pay Someone to Do It for You!
Paotui means run-errands in Chinese. And it's not just for rich people anymore.
• China to Reduce Pesticide Use 20% within Next Five Years
In China, rampant chemical pesticide use the last few decades has posed numerous health risks.
• Should Kids Have All the Fun? Art Class for Mom at Beijing's Familier
The Familier in Beijing's Chao Wai SOHO says it's more than just a daycare.
• Kitty and Lala-Sassy Wedding Photography for China's 80s Generation
China's 80s generation has grown up saturated in blogs, mobile phone technology and thirsting for visual entertainment.
• Beijing's New TaoBao E-tailing
Beijing's newly opened Taobao E-tailer furniture warehouse looks like a typical furniture store anywhere.
• Tis' the Summer to Avoid Tourist Scams!
It's summer in Beijing and June ushers in the high tourist season. Unfortunately, tourist scams are still an issue.
• Mercedes-Benz Driver Safety Course
For the first time ever, in the spirit of Germany's Best Driver Contest, Chinese drivers will get a chance to get professional instruction.
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Lance at High Speed Railway Construction Site
CRI Reporter Lance Crayon brings you the latest news from Guangzhou-Zhuhai high speed railway construction site.
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• Tiger Wong Back with Her New Album 'Simple Or Not'
Taiwanese singing star Tiger Wong was back in Beijing on November 27 and 28 for two good reasons.
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Tradition or Truth-Who Believes in the Chinese Zodiac?
In China, every animal year is filled with predictions of prosperity or warnings.
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Carving Beijing's Snowboarding Niche at Nanshan Village!
Mellow Parks has been hosting snowboarding competitions for a decade.
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 A Decade of Online Evolution, How Far We've Come!
How has the internet evolution impacted our lives the last decade?
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London Marks 500 Days to the 2012 Olympic Games with Countdown Clock
London has now unveiled a countdown clock as a reminder of the 2012 Olympic Games.
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