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Magic Show
Cristiano is a famous clown performer from Romania. He is performing at the Dalian Discoveryland.

Acrobatic Show
Acrobatic Show at Kingdoms of Discovery in Dalian Golden Pebble Beach.
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v Wang Family's Grand Courtyard: the Grassroots "Forbidden City"
v Follow Mr. Zou's Guidance to Guxiangli
v Expressing His Love for Guangzhou via Music
v Pearl River Night Cruise
v Yuexiu Choir, Sing Aloud!
v Guangzhou: A Shoppers' Paradise
v Black Pearl Shines in Beihai
v A Professor Forsakes American Glories for Peaceful Life in Beihai
v Zhejiang Tour Touches Australian Camera Team
v South Koreans in Weihai
v Black Pearl Shines in Beihai
v Ten Scenes of the West Lake
v Hangzhou: Heaven on Earth
v Mount Putuo
v Nanxun
v Wuzhen, the Genuine "Jiang Nan"
v On the "Oriental Maritime Silk Road"
v Zhoushan: Buddha & Beach
v A Walk around Shaoxing
v Shaoxing, Hometown of Celebrities
v Tea Culture in Zhejiang
v A Gourmet Tour to Zhejiang
v Xi'an, the Historical Center of China
v Shichahai, an Oasis in the City
v Explore the Architectural Aesthetics in Tongli
v Stay at a Tavern When You're in Lhasa
v Culinary Delights of Kunming
v Ningbo

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Places We May Not Know
Some fascinating places are so far away from the beaten track that they're totally overlooked. And some fantastic places are too beaten on the track, that their new charms are easily ignored. Make your suggestions here on such under-rated pearls in China.
v Guangzhouv Suzhou
v Dunhuangv Weihai
v Shaoxingv Jinzhong

v The Blossom of Shaoxing Operav China Shaoxing Yellow Wine Group Corp.v AMD
v Suzhou Institute of Nano-tech and Nano-bionics, CASv Suzhou Ren Huixian Embroidery Art Development Co., Ltd.v Musicanton.com
v Country Garden (Guxiangli)v Wang Family's Grand Courtyardv Yungang Grottoes
v Shanxi Hengshan Mountainv Dalian Discovery Landv Dalian Laohutan Pole Aquarium
v Dalian Golden Pebble Beach
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