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Along with beautiful natural scenery, Guangzhou is also a unique metropolis bursting with goods, culture and kindness.
City Heihe
At the top of North-East Asia, China's Heilongjiang Province resembles a swan with her wings spread, the city of Heihe is just one of many brilliant pearls on her neck.
The Yungang Grottoes are well-known as a treasure-house of ancient Buddhist art and one of the three largest major cave complexes in China.
With beautiful scenery, nice environment and fast development, this romantic city is the best tourism destination in many people's hearts.
Huang Long Valley
It has been believed the Qingzang Plateau is the platform to paradise. Huanglong is at its eastern end, so it is the first step toward heaven.
Located on the Shandong Peninsula, Weihai is the eastmost city open to the rest of the world and best place to live in China.
Places We May Not Know
Some fascinating places are so far away from the beaten track that they're totally overlooked. And some fantastic places are too beaten on the track, that their new charms are easily ignored. Make your suggestions here on such under-rated pearls in China.
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