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In this edition of 'In the Spotlight', we will first appreciate a kind of artistic figures that originated 1,500 years ago. We will then meet Zhang Peiyu, a famous conductor in China.
Cultural Carousel
• Beijing Silk Figures
• 3rd Cultural and Creative Industry Expo
• 'Echoing' Chinese Culture
• Fringe Theaters in China
• 'Impression on Sanjie Liu'
• The Art of Marionette Puppetry
• 'My Visual Diary'
• Maodun Literature Awards
• Story of Yang Haitao
• The Chinese Four Masterpieces of Literature to Be Re-shot
• Sanwei Bookstore
• House of Oracles: A Huang Yongping Retrospective
• Pop Singer Wang Zheng
• Singer Wang Xiangrong
• Different Versions of 'Molihua'
• Songs from Love Films
• The Zhuang Minority Music
• Guo Wenjing's Music
• Conductor Zhang Peiyu
• Architect Couple Enjoys Work as Life
• Crosstalk Shows
• Chinese Romantic Films
• Chinese Painter's Interpretation of Africa
• Chinese Composer Guo Wenjing
• 2009-01-07
• Hu Run and His China Rich List
• Zhang Yimou: Time Teaches Me How to Improve
• Lin Hongyan and the 18 Children She Adopted
• 2008-12-31
• 2008-12-24
• 2008-12-17
• 2008-12-10
• 2008-12-03
• 2008-11-26
• 2008-11-19
• 2008-11-12
• 2008-11-05
• 2008-10-29
• 2008-10-22
• 2008-10-15
• 2008-10-08
• 2008-10-01
• 2008-09-24
• 2008-09-17
• 2008-09-10
• 2008-09-03
• 2008-08-27
• 2008-08-20
• 2008-08-13
• 2008-08-06
• 2008-07-30
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In the Spotlight takes you on a cultural journey of China, where a fascinating variety of ethnic cultures have been growing and mingling with each other for thousands of years, and are now taking on a new look in step with modern times.

Hosts & Team
• Shen Ting

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A recent survey shows that people feel the happiest when they reach their 60s and 70s. Is it true that we may ignore happiness when we spend all the time looking for it? [China Drive]
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