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Taoyuan Fairy Valley
A convenient place to escape from Beijing's bustles, the valley appeals to visitors all year around.
The Waning Hometown
Here to grasp the country's "old charms" that are fading away day by day...
Experiencing Beijing Folk Customs at Tianqiaole Teahouse
Performances at the teahouse have distinct folk features, including Shuanghuang (a two-man comic act), cross-talk, classic magic, vocal mimicry, wrestling and qigong.
Rules on Mainland Tourists to Taiwan Issued
Mainland visitors would be able to tour Taiwan in groups organized by designated mainland travel agencies.
Huqiu Park
No trip to Suzhou would be complete if it didn't include a trip to Huqiu, or Tiger Hill, located in the suburbs of the old Suzhou city.
String Puppets in Quanzhou
A shining treasure of performing art.
Qiao's Compound
The best-preserved residence compound of Shanxi Merchants.
Baiyun Mountain
It was crowned "the most beautiful mountain in China" by Chinese National Geography magazine in 2005.
[Travel along Ancient Tea Horse Road] Litang
At an elevation of 4,100 meters, Litang is one of the highest towns in the world.
A kind of Tibetan scroll-banner painting and a unique art form that of the Tibetan culture.
Travel in Beijing
The highlights of travelling in Beijing, the host city of 2006 China Snooker Open.
Tea and Minority Groups
How tea is made and served in China's ethnic minority society.
Snap the Last Snow Sculptures before Spring Comes
Thanks to the cold weather, you can still view fresh snow sculptures on the Sun Island.
Valentine's Day Land Marks HOT!
The 7 fantastic suggestions of a Valentine's Day Outing...
Badachu Park
Badachu, the Eight Great Sites, refers to the eight Buddhist temples scattered at the foot of Beijing's Western Hills.
Beijing's Temple Fair Information 2006
Nine local temple fairs will add more joy to your holidays in Beijing.
Big Bell Temple (Dazhong Si)
There's a real temple behind the name "Dazhong Si Station" you hear on the city train.
See Snow in Jiuzhai Valley
The snow flakes fly between mountains, lakes and brush against our faces like soft kiss.
Where to View Giant Pandas
Find out the giant panda that is the nearest to you!
Old Beijing on Show at New Museum
Hutong, Peking opera and local folk in Beijing in bygone days...
Zhangye Giant Buddha
Magnificent, mysterious, and unique, the Giant Buddha Temple belongs on every visitor's itinerary.
Shandong, the Immortals' Abode
Romantic coastal cities, fascinating sacred mounts and numerous historical spots...
Shaolin Monastery
The interest in Kung Fu has led visitors to step into the temple where schooled martial arts started.
Most Beautiful City Zones: Top 5
The top 5 beautiful city zones all over China recommended by Chinese National Geography, China's traveller Bible.
China's Pagodas
Why pagoda is holy to the Chinese people? Click here.
Most Beautiful Lakes: Top 5
The top 5 beautiful lakes of China recommended by Chinese National Geography, China's traveller Bible.
Xinjiang by Your Ears
An audio gift from CRI for Xinjiang's 50th birthday and for you...
Legendary Life in the Land of Lupanshui
The scenery of caverns and canyons and the legend of mysterious Yelang Kingdom.
Beijing Botanical Garden
The giant garden is a convenient and perfect place to give yourself a natural spa with fresh air and beautiful flora.
Xianghe Grand Epoch City
Venue of G20 conference, the city is a reproduction of the royal part of the ancient Beijing city.
Travel with "Dae Jang Geum"
Here are the major locations where this hot TV series was filmed, now the most popular scenic spots in South Korea.
Hetian, a Place That Abounds in Jade
Hetian, the city of jade, was once a vibrant trading center on the ancient Silk Road.
Alishan Mountain
Green mountains, azure water, and friendly people are the essences of Alishan, the No.1 mountain in Taiwan.
Hello Birdie!
A group of bird lovers will lead you to a wonderful bird watching tour around Beijing...
Fruit Picking Around Beijing
Beijing's suburban farms and orchards bring forth quite a harvest this year...
Deep into Tibet
For the 40th anniversary of the establishment of the Tibet Autonomous Region.
[Travel Along the Ancient Tea Horse Path] Changdu
"Chamdo" and "the Khamba people and their culture"...
[Travel Along Ancient Tea Horse Path] Kangding to Daofu 
Ancient trade path passes the home to love songs.
[Travel Along the Tea Horse Path] Danba
"Kingdom of One Thousand Castles" and "Beauty Valley"...
[Travel Along the Tea Horse Path] Daocheng 
This part of the Tea Horse Path is named "Road of Lock."
Ten Scenes of the West Lake
"Rippling waters shimmering on a sunny day, Misty mountains shrouded in rain; Plain or gaily dressed like Xizi; West Lake is always alluring."
Hangzhou: Heaven on Earth
"Above is Heaven; below is Hangzhou."
Mount Putuo
This is one of the best places to experience the peace and serenity of Buddhism.
Nanxun is known as a once-prosperous commercial town and silk manufacturing centre.
Wuzhen, the Genuine "Jiang Nan"
This water town provides visitors a window into a unique cultural heritage.
On the "Oriental Maritime Silk Road"
Ningbo's been one of the first places visited by outsider friends or foes...
[E-Magazine] Breathtaking Sceneries along Tea Horse Road
You are traveling in a gallery of the most beautiful sceneries in China.
[Game Zone] A Tour to China's Ancient Towns
Try to match them with the correct answer!
Zhoushan: Buddha & Beach
The Zhoushan Archipelago is known as a center of Buddhist culture in China.
A Walk around Shaoxing
More than 4,000 stone bridges crisscrossing various flowing lanes...
Shaoxing, Hometown of Celebrities
The architectural style and atmosphere of Shaoxing is typical "Jiang Nan".
Tea Culture in Zhejiang
Zhejiang is one of China's leading tea-producing areas.
A Gourmet Tour to Zhejiang
Beside the charming scenery, Zhejiang has a rich cultural heritage that is noted in particular for its culinary traditions.
[Game Zone] Exotic Tour Outside China
Several tourist sites outside China, can you recognize them?
Xi'an, the Historical Center of China
Here's some historical background of Xi'an that you may be intereted in.
Shichahai, an Oasis in the City
For centuries it has provided a sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of the day.
Explore the Architectural Aesthetics in Tongli
Ancient bridges, gardens, mansions and more...
Stay at a Tavern When You're in Lhasa
Despite their small rooms, the taverns offer tourists homely Tibetan experiences.
Culinary Delights of Kunming
The history of the Yunnan cuisine can be traced back to over 4000 years ago.
Though Ningbo is no travel hotspot, you can still have a nice time wandering around in the city.
Old Streets in Nanjing
Boasting a prestigious imperial past, Nanjing is the place where you can get really close to history.
Shantou: the Quality Leisure Time
Kongfu tea and Chaoju Opera are what you'll meet in the unique Chaoshan Culture.
The city is blessed with mild sub-tropical marine climate and fantastic hot springs and seafood.
The Ancient Huizhou area is one place where you can easily visualize the past, especially its heyday 400 years ago.
Daban's Girls, Loulan's Ruins
Daban town is famous for girls and windmills, while Loulan is a myth in the desert.
[Game Zone] Temple, Pagoda, Attic & Monastery
Test your knowledge about China's traditional buildings by browsing great pictures!
Kuqa and Korla
The heart and soul of the wicked humor of the Xinjiang folk song, "Lift Your Veil".
Turpan, the Xinjiang Legend
Meaning "a land of abundance" in the Uygur language, Turpan is a Xinjiang legend from every perspective.
Ili, the Most Beautiful Place in Xinjiang
You don't know how beautiful Xinjiang is without going to Ili...
[Game Zone] Some of the Best Attractions in Yunnan
Check out what Yunnan has to offer, and try to match them!
[Game Zone] Where to Go in Hong Kong?
Get more travel information about Hong Kong by using drag-and-drop!
Changsha, Closer Look at Chinese History
Enjoy an audio and visual tour deep into this under-rated city.
[Game Zone] Holy Mountain Test
Want to know more about China's holy mountains? Join our game now!
Qinghai, Away from the Beaten Tracks
Qinghai Province boasts multiple ethnic cultures and the beautiful salt lake...
Chongqing, Gateway to China's Wild West
With steep hills, raging rivers and spicy food, there's something for everyone in Chongqing.
Everything to See in Shanghai
A bit of more introduction to the city of Shanghai, the financial go-go capital of China.
Chengdu, an Easy-going City
Chengdu was once cited by a magazine as the most stress-free city in China.
The Man Sailing Before Columbus
Listen to the adventures of Zheng He, an overshadowed but great Chinese navigator 600 years ago.
Backpacking in Yangshuo
Guilin's scenery is the most beautiful in the world, but Yangshuo's scenery is far more superior to that.
Yiwu, Shopping Mecca for Small Commodities
In Yiwu, the market town well-known nationwide, everyday is market day!
Travel in the "South of the Clouds" III - Puzhehei
This time CRI reporter enjoyed a lot of wine and songs in Puzhehei, the "kingdom of lakes" in Yunnan.
Penglai-the Abode of Gods 
According to mythology, the ancient coastal castle of Penglai is the abode of the gods.
Travel in the "South of the Clouds" II - Eastern Yunnan
Join CRI reporter Liao Jibo to explore eastern Yunnan away from the beaten tracks.
Travel in the "South of the Clouds" I - Kunming, the Spring City
Join CRI reporter Liao Jibo to tour in the exotic and fascinating Yunnan Province.
Qufu, Step into history 
Learn something about the birth and resting place of China's most influential thinker.
Qingdao: Clean Beach plus Great Beer
Join us in an audio tour along the boardwalk of Qingdao, one of the most beautiful city in China.
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