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The diligence and wisdom of Taizhou people for generations have left Taizhou many wonders.
German Listener's Changzhou Trip
Changzhou trip winner Christian Henke tells his travel story in Changzhou and Tianmu Lake.
A Visit to Xinjiang on Its 50th Birthday
From Urumqi to Jiaohe, I am awed by the power of time...
Norway Travelogue
CRI's Yan Yinan visited Norway this October, click to find out what she discovered on her "way to the north."
Discover a Real Xi'an
CRI Reporter Chu Daye's trip to Xi'an and what he discovered there...
A famous traveller Arthur Miranda used to say that, "Once a traveller comes to Dali, he never wants to leave."
Absolute Xinjiang
Using your eyes, ears and hands, here you needn't move an inch to explore the remote Xinjiang...
Stone Forest, Torch Festival and Ashima
Have fun in a carnival of fire at the hometown of Ashima, the legendary beauty.
The Lost Horizon
CRI reporter Wang Yiqiong leads you to find the sacred and peaceful "Shangri-La" in Yunnan...
Cross the Snow Line-CAU Climbing League
A band of brave youth at the Climbing League of China Agricultural university...
"Jurassic Park" in China
Come joining us to be chased by a T-Rex in the Changzhou China Dinosaur Park!
Shanghai Impression
Some staff of the English Department got the chance to visit Shanghai this April... What do they think about Shanghai?
A Panda Lover's Story
Interview with an Australian animal conservator working in Changqing Nature Reserve, Shaanxi province.
Sun Yang's Yunnan Trip
Push yourself beyond limits-Sun Yang's travel experience in Yunnan, Summer 2004.
Beihai Park
Pay a audio tour to Beihai park-the former royal garden of Chinese emperors and their empresses.
  My Travel Story
Scenic Surprises: Exploring Hong Kong's Hiking Haven
A trip to Hong Kong is more than just a mega shopping spree.
Terrific Trip to Changchun
I got to know Chuangchun for the first time as the legendary place where Chairman Mao Zedong's private sedan "Red Flag" was born!
Wandering in Phoenix
I first heard of Phoenix when I read the famous novel "The Boundary Town" and was completely absorbed...
Yili Road Trip
I am gonna have the most comfortable hot shower in my life, MAYBE, if I am lucky.
Modern Girl in the Old Village
Isolated from modernity, with your cell phone refusing to work yet this is the filming place of the movie Cell phone...
Jimingyi Post Station
Extensive history, well-preserved old houses, undeveloped ancient township, and the biggest post-house in China to date...
A Taste of Zhouzhuang
On the way back, I recalled the construction style of the river town. It is my favorite memory.
Finland, to Continue My Pursuit of Legends
The highest place of Finland, the Lapland, is the home of Santa...
Wandering Venice in Midwinter
CRI's Zhao Pengcheng: finding yourself through a journey and letting it change you...
Finding la Dolce Vita in Turin
Olympics, Fiat, and the burial shroud of Jesus Christ. CRI's Zhao Pengcheng has more...
Heaven in Huangshan
There was no escaping the lure of going up there and conquering Huang Shan, or the Yellow Mountain.
The Ancient Garrison Town of Longli
A well-preserved military castle that has once housed 1,000 men in the 14th century.
A CRI Winner's Trip to China
An American teacher's travel diary in Beijing and Xi'an. Contest Winner List
Longmen Grotto
Walking inside the caves, I see entire walls covered with carved Buddhas...
Impression of Qingdao
Some half remembered, half idealised visit to the European mainland. To Germany, to be exact.
The Turpan Trip
Follow CRI reporter Xiaoyu to Turpan, the "oven" in Xijiang and the city of grapes and wine.
Tianchi Lake: A Gift to Lucky Souls
The locals tell me Tianchi is a gift from God, and only the lucky is able to see it.
Chengdu Calling
A few tourism tips for travellers tempted by horse treks, scenic valleys and giant pandas.
Xi'an, the Eternal City
One almost need not visit Xi'an to be in awe of the place...
Walking About Gulang Islet
A 1.77 sq km speck of land 500 m off the coast of Xiamen, a great place to spend a lazy day walking about.

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