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Daocheng, along the "Road of Lock"
In 1928, American Botanist Joseph Lock finished his trip from Lijiang to Daocheng, this route got its name for this.
Xishuangbanna-the Tea Factory
Dali Ancient City-"Backpackers' Paradise"
Lhasa-the Sunlit City
Danba, the "Beauty Valley"
Beautiful local women in Danba clothed in their magnificent traditional dresses are photogra-phic treat for tourists and serious photogra-phers alike.
Songzanglin Monastery
Four Girls Mountain
Ethnic Minority Costume
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Spa, Taking Advantage of Nature
Bathing naked in hot springs has long been an important part of life to many locals residing in Sichuan, Yunnan and Tibet.
Volcano-Exploration of the Dazzling Geo-world
Glaciers-Move in Response to Gravity
Marshes-Walking on Floating Carpet
Historic Ensemble of the Potala Palace
They remain as one of the most typical areas of the country in terms of the ancient buildings and their role as the political, economic, cultural, and religious center of Tibet.
Jiuzhaigou Valley
Three Parallel Rivers National Park
Dujiangyan Irrigation System
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Yunnan Golden Monkey
Recent surveys suggest there are 13 isolated sub-populations located in five counties in Yunnan Province and Tibet Autonomous Region.
Red Panda
Blue Sheep
Tibetan Antelope
Ode to the Tea Horse Road
The legend of the Tea Horse Road continues in various radio programs, films and documentaries and TV soaps.
Radio Show-Shangri-la, the Lost Horizon
Walking Out of Himalayas
CRI Film Review-Delamu
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