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Best Wild Animal Photos of 2008 Announced. Man and right whale size each other up in the winner of the 2008 Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition's underwater category, announced on October 30.

  in Pics
Module of Shenzhou-7 Gets Ready For Exhibition
13 Pandas Added to Sichuan Breeding Center after Quake
6th International Digital Content Expo Opens in Beijing
Robot Expo in Hangzhou
Milky Way A Swifter Spinner, More Massive: New Measurements
Our home galaxy is rotating faster and has more mass than previously thought.
Stars Forming just beyond Black Hole's Grasp at Galactic Center
New stars can, in fact, form very close to the Milky Way's central black hole, according to a recent study published by the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics.
Study Links Obesity to Increased Risk of Ovarian Cancer
A new epidemiological study has found that among women who have never used menopausal hormone therapy, the obese ones are at an increased risk of developing ovarian cancer compared with those of normal weight.
Astrophysicists Map Milky Way's 4 Spiral Arms
An international research team has developed the first complete map of the Milky Way's spiral arms, Iowa State University announced in a press release Monday.
NASA to Display New Findings at Astronomy Meeting
NASA announced Sunday it will present new findings on a wide range of astrophysics topics at the 213th American Astronomical Society (AAS) meeting.
New Genetic Markers for Ulcerative Colitis Identified: US Researchers
An international team led by researchers at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine has identified genetic markers associated with ulcerative colitis, the journal Nature Genetics said Sunday.
MIT Develops New Way to Fuse cells
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) researchers have developed a new, more efficient way to pair cells so that they can be fused together into a hybrid cell, the university said Sunday.
Editor's Choice
• John Woo to Present Oriental Titanic in "1949"
• Men behind the Movies
• Chow Steps Down as Director of "Green Hornet"
• New Report on 'Comfort Women' Published
• 'Dragonball' Posters Published

Should guys carry bags for girls?
It's not only about carrying bags. It's also about opening doors, holding chairs, and a bunch of other behaviors that says "lady first". Should guys carry bags for girls? [China Drive]
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In Pictures

SciTech China
• Ship Back from Mission of Tracking Shenzhou VII Space Flight
• China's Mission to Mars Set for Take-off
• Satellite Ends 100-Day Space Mission
• China-made Supercomputer to Be Installed in Shanghai
• China to Launch 3rd Geostationary Orbit Weather Satellite Next Week
• Hong Kong, Guangdong Governments to Support Joint Research and Development Projects
• China Launches New Remote Sensing Satellite
• Lab Unveiled In Macao to Analyze Data from Chang'e-1
• China Plans First High-capacity Optic Fibre Network
• Japanese Expert Lauds China's Efforts to Promote Scientific Research
• China to Launch 1st Mars Exploration Rover in 2009
• Future Astronauts Will Be Scientists: China
SciTech World
• Stars Forming just beyond Black Hole's Grasp at Galactic Center
• New Founding in Cancer Cell Metastisis New Hope for Primary Cancer Patients
• US Researchers: Brain Scans Can Detect Early Signs of Alzheimer's Disease
• Study Links Obesity to Increased Risk of Ovarian Cancer
• Astrophysicists Map Milky Way's 4 Spiral Arms
• New Genetic Markers for Ulcerative Colitis Identified: US Researchers
• MIT Develops New Way to Fuse cells
• Mexico to Build World's 4th Largest Bamboo Center
• Dormant Cancer Cells Rely on Cellular Self-cannibalization to Survive
• Climate Experts to Meet in Wellington
• U.S. Mars Rovers Still on the Job after 5 Years
• US Research: Genetic Variation May Lead to Early Cardiovascular Disease