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Judging is easy, understanding is hard

The world as a whole is still very much focusing on Donald Trumpí»s victory and its ramifications, but Chinese people have much more important stuff to talk about. Hands down, the biggest news story in November is Olympic champion Lin Daní»s alleged affair.

Not Your Typical Suffocation Case
It has been two weeks since a pregnant woman died after getting her neck caught in a roadside guardrail in Mizhi County, Shaanxi Province. To be honest, pictures and videos of the freaky incident still give me the creeps.
The 12306 Conundrum
"Here we go again." I uttered this very sentence a few days ago upon hearing that 12306.cn officially started selling train tickets for the upcoming Chinese New Year, which falls on February 8, 2016.
Leave Children Alone
The time has finally come. The newly amended Chinese advertising law will go into effect tomorrow (September 1, 2015). This marks the first major revision of the advertising law since it was introduced to the Chinese masses back in 1995.
Ití»s Not That Ií»m Stupid
Ií»m not exactly an expert on Cui Jian, who is widely considered í░father of rock musicí▒ in China, but I do know that he is a genius, because way back in the 1980s, he already wrote a hit song called í░Ití»s Not That Ií»m Stupidí▒. More than two and a half decades later, the lyrics are still as relevant as ever, especially this zinger: Ití»s not that Ií»m stupid, ití»s just that the world is changing too fast!
Certain Lines Are Not to Be Crossed
A friend joked to me the other day, í░You know how Wang Feng can finally grab the headlines? Make sure his name and the word í«nakedí» appear in the same sentence.í▒ (In case you doní»t get the reference, Wang Feng is a famous singer in China who never seems to grab the headlines because someone always upstages him with a bigger story on the same day.)
Enough with the Sour Grapes
Widely considered "the Oscars of sports", the Laureus World Sports Awards have always been a hot topic around this time of year.
A Notice Is Not Going to Cut the Mustard
In an effort to improve nursing care in China, the National Health and Family Planning Commission and the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine have recently issued a joint notice, urging nurses across the country to be more patient at work.
To Grab Or Not To Grab, That Is the Question
Red envelopes have long been associated with the Chinese Lunar New Year. I myself have had plenty of experiences both receiving and giving out red envelopes in the past, and generally speaking, it's been fun. I mean, who doesn't love free money?
You Cannot Be Serious
Since local governments across China rolled out amendments to the one-child policy in 2014, about one million couples nationwide have seized the opportunity and filed applications to have a second child. What's not expected, however, is the sheer animosity some of those first children have toward their as-yet-unborn siblings.
About the Author
Liu Yan is a best-selling author specializing in English learning and popular culture. Among his published works are English - The Real Deal (1 & 2) and Hold On, Sit Tight, Let's Enjoy This Cinematic Ride Together. He is also a long-time columnist for such esteemed magazines as English Language Learning and JoyRide English. In addition, Liu Yan is a commentator on social and cultural issues. He wants people to think of him as a trusted friend who can inform, educate and entertain all at the same time.
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