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Xi Jinping goes to Davos
The signals can't be clearer from the two most important countries about the future of the world: China stresses a globalized community while the US turns inward to Make America Great again.
With the death of TPP, China is to lead against protectionism
The US President-elect Donald Trump has just announced the official death of TPP ĘC Trans-Pacific Partnership, a 12-member trade group led by the outgoing Obama Administration. Thanks to Mr. Trump, the uncertainty about the fate of TPP has concluded.
Why should China Embrace the Philippines?
Thought it's winter, but it's springtime for the relationship between the Philippines and China, said President Rodrigo Duterte when he met Chinese leaders in Beijing. This is his first trip outside the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, or ASEAN, of which Manila is a member.
G20: China assumes global leadership role
Since China took the duty as the hosting country of the 11th G20 summit in Hangzhou late last year, it has engaged with other members in an earnest and frequent manner in order to bring about solid outcomes of the yearly gathering. The way China organized the meeting and the fruitful achievements reveal a responsible global power in China.
The global problem and China solution
The global trade has not been growing since the beginning of last year. International investment faces the hindrance of a rising sentiment of protectionism. Economic recovery is sluggish.There's high expectation for the Hangzhou Summit of G20. What's the China solution?
China a strong positive force for the world

After growing for more than 30 years, China now stands as the second largest economy in the world, despite remaining a developing country. So here's the question: what kind of power China is? What's China's ambition? How different will it be from previous powers? We may have some clues from the G20 summit in Hangzhou, when Chinese President Xi Jinping spoke at a gathering of business leaders.

G20: China and the global economic stability
As leaders of the world's largest 20 economies are gathering in Hangzhou to discuss global economic governance, the cloud of weak growth and fragile recovery top their agenda. China, as the hosting country, will be highlighted for its stabilizing role in a time of global economic uncertainty.
About the Author
Xu Qinduo is CRI's former chief correspondent to Washington DC, the United States. He works as the producer, host and commentator for TODAY, a flagship talk show on current affairs. Mr. Xu contributes regularly to English-language newspapers including Shenzhen Daily and Global Times as well as Chinese-language radio and TV services.
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