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Tougher self-regulation
China's ruling Communist Party (CPC) has passed two intra-Party"laws"at a plenary session of its Central Committee, aiming at achieving clean and more effective governance. The two documents, namely the norms of political life in the Party under the current conditions, an update from a 1980 document, and the regulation on intra-Party supervision, are regulations on Party operation and performance and on internal supervision and discipline of its members, especially top-level officials.
Duterte's tongue
A week ago, on September 5th, Rodrigo Duterte turned furious over US pressuring on his crackdown upon drug trafficking and warning against "extrajudicial killings". People heard him "cursing" President Barack Obama as a "son of a whore", who would then only describe him as "a colourful man" making "colourful statements".
When Manila speaks softer
With a new government in office in Manila, the Philippines now speaks softer on the South China Sea dispute, by offering conciliatory notes.
China Is a Plus, Against All Odds
Curtain down on China's annual political session, with a series of platforms of action adopted by the top legislature, the National People's Congress (NPC). These documents outline principles of steady development, appropriate regulation, and better governance, all decisive for a healthy economy and improved people's livelihood in 2016 and in the next five years.
Busier Diplomacy Ahead
What a busy man! That's my impression of Foreign Minister Wang Yi's press conference Tuesday morning on the sideline of China¡¯s annual legislative session. Ten foreign journalists and eight Chinese reporters took turn in two hours to bombard him with questions - many critical, some strongly challenging. The very last or 19th question from Chinese netizens seems to speak for all - busy diplomacy for what - or in the original wording - diplomacy impacts on the lives of ordinary people.
Won't Sit Idle, Won't Meddle
The Chinese president has backed a policy paper delivered last week with a speech to Arab leaders, both outlining China's vision of relations with Arab countries. Also delivered, a Chinese assessment of the Middle East question and proposals on tackling the issues of peace and development.
A Fortune-Telling Visit
President Xi Jinping's State-visit to the United Kingdom has not only been talk of the town in China, it is also a worldwide question, in terms of what this high-profile tour may mean for future international relations and China's global behavior. Comments and reactions widely differ, ranging from applause, suspicion to criticism of London Kowtowing to the Chinese Yuan. While leaders of the two countries are upbeat about the many "firsts" in Anglo-Chinese ties, some others question whether the visit signals a possible realignment of major powers, or a new pattern of China rising and Britain accommodating.
About the Author
A radio person, Mr. Lin Shaowen is strongly interested in international relations and Chinese politics. As China is quite often misunderstood in the rest of the world, he feels the need to better present the true picture of the country, the policies and meanings. So he talks a lot and is often seen debating. Then friends find a critical Lin Shaowen criticizing and criticized.
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