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China: Shifting from a participant to a leader of the new world order
On February 17, 2017, about two weeks ahead of China¡¯s annual Political Consultative Conference to be kicked off on March 3, 2017 and China¡¯s annual People¡¯s Congress to be kicked off on March 5, 2017, Chinese President Xi Jinping called on China, for the first time, to GUIDE the global community in the effort to make the world order more just and more reasonable at the National Security Seminar.
China and Trump: retrospect and prospect
It has been a few days more than a month since Mr. Donald Trump was inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States.
Rules required to regulate rising car-sharing business
Car-sharing services provided by companies such as Gofun Chuxing launched by Beijing Shouqi Group and Car2go under the automotive giant Daimler AG, are gaining popularity among young people in mega cities such as Beijing and Shanghai.
Are you ready to pay to read WeChat articles?
After a slew of online front-runners, including tech portal 36kr.com and search giant Baidu.com, capitalized on consumers' rising willingness to pay for original and valuable content, messaging app WeChat has started to allow its official accounts to claim payment from vast amount of readers.
The return of Wang Qi to enhance Sino-Indian ties
No one can really fathom the suffering of separation unless they go through it. His tearful story could be an amazing movie or novel tinged with sadness. His sad story has attracted a lot of attention from the media across the globe.
Beyond the economics of OBOR
The world seems to be fixated on the ambitious logistics of the Belt and Road initiative and the breathtaking Chinese economic development of the last couple of decades. Due to the focus on those aspects, some details vital for developing nations are overlooked.
Olympics: Anime character to bring huge profits to Tokyo
The 2020 Tokyo Olympic Committee has announced that Son Goku, an iconic anime character from Dragonball Z, will serve as one of its brand ambassadors. However, unlike his Chinese namesake, this Son Goku is not the Monkey King from Chinese masterpiece Journey to the West, but a home grown Japanese cult anime protagonist.
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