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President Xi's leading role at 2017 Davos
Experts have been drawing conjectures about China taking a greater global leadership role in the future, but with the actions of Mr. Trump, the ensuing problems in Europe with Brexit and security issues, the continuous unrest in the Middle East and with the sluggish global economic growth; it seems the foreseen role of China being among global leaders has been thrust upon it a little too early.
World looking for sense of stability from Xi's visit to Switzerland
President Xi Jinping is making the first visit by a Chinese leader to Switzerland this century but it is his opening speech to the elite World Economic Forum at Davos that is dominating the media spotlight.
Xi Jinping goes to Davos
The signals can't be clearer from the two most important countries about the future of the world: China stresses a globalized community while the US turns inward to Make America Great again.
Xi's visit to further deepen Sino-Swiss partnership
As a sign of the ever closer political and economic ties between China and Switzerland, President Xi Jinping is en route to Switzerland from January 15 to 18 at the invitation of the Federal Council of Switzerland led by President Doris Leuthard.
Disciplinary commission raises bar on anti-graft drive for a brighter future
Ever since Xi Jinping took the most powerful office in China and became the President, he has been adamant in his efforts to combat corruption in China and with the start of 2017 he raised the bar for this struggle when he addressed the seventh plenary session of the 18th CPC Central Commission for Discipline Inspection (CCDI).
Common sense in any language
Learning a language also means learning a culture and learning a different way of thinking. It can also open up many possibilities that have nothing to do with business deals or international politics - access to culture, literature, personal friendships across borders.
China a positive stabilizer in post-2016 world
Populism that had been rising in past few years erupted and led to ˇ°black swanˇ± events, most prominently the Brexit in Europe and Trump win in the US. One ubiquitous feeling is that history was suddenly accelerated in 2016, and China is embracing a new period of strategic opportunity.
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