Casualties: 69,185 dead
Give Hope: Donate to Help Quake-hit China
Pen Pals to Provide Moral Support to Quake Survivors
Aftershock Violently Rocks "Quake Lake" Dam
Main Quake Lake Overflows into Sluice Channel
Photo Exhibition on China's Anti-quake Efforts Launched in Portugal
China NPC Deputy Prosposes "National Disaster Prevention Day" on May 12
Medical Service to Be Restored in China Quake Zone
Sichuan Quake Death Toll Stands at 69,197
Donations from Outside China Total Almost 1.6 Bln Yuan, FM
Restoration Work for Quake Damaged Relics in Full Swing
Quake Students Receive Warm Welcome in Russia
Wenchuan Reconstruction Plan: Give the Victims a Voice
Official Deeply Regrets Sichuan Earthquake
Chinese President Meets Quake Students in Zhongnanhai
Charity Holds Photo Show on China Quake Rescue in Bangkok
Japan to Send More Relief Supplies to China's Quake-Hit Areas
Frankfurt Stages Fund-raising Performance for China Earthquake Relief
More Relief Aid Offered to China's Quake Victims
Japan's Parliamentary Delegation Heads for China's Quake-hit Areas
China Makes United Efforts to Rebuild Quake-hit Areas: DPRK Newspaper
Students from China's Quake-hit Region to Recuperate in Russia's Kemerovo
Aid Continues to Flow into China from Abroad after Quake
Syria, Nepal, Brunei Offer Condolences, Contributions to Quake-hit China
More Foreign Aid for China's Quake Relief