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Aaron Kwok's Figure Unveils Madame Tussauds HK
Local artist Aaron Kwok unveiled Monday his wax likeness at the newly revamped Madame Tussauds Hong Kong.
Stone Takes "Center" Stage at Cannes
Oliver Stone's past and future were on display at the Cannes Film Festival, as organizers screened the director's Oscar-winning war drama "Platoon" as well as 20 minutes of footage from his new film "World Trade Center."
Hong Kong director Stanley Tong said he would direct an ambitious Nanjing Massacre project literal titled "The Diary".
• Can Celebrity Appear in Commercials?
It is no longer a secret that much of celebrities' income comes from shooting TV ads or speaking for commercial products...
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• Stone Takes "Center" Stage at Cannes
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• MTV "Moves" with Jennifer Lopez Reality Series
• Cannes Marks 20th Anniversary of 'Platoon'
• Oliver Stone Shows Clips from "World Trade Center"
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• "Da Vinci Code" Unlocks $224 mln in World Sales
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• Al Gore to Play Weatherman at Cannes
• Finns Win Eurovision 2006 Song Contest
• Jennifer Lopez Three Months Pregnant?
• Penelope Cruz Keeps Hollywood at Arm's Length
• British Film Shows Life Through a Security Camera
• Movie "Dreamgirls" Casts Spell Over Cannes Audience
• Explicit 'Shortbus' Rides to Cannes Fest
• Da Vinci Code Breaks Italy Box Office Records
• Film Takes Swipe at Fast Food Industry
• Crowds, Protests Expected as "Da Vinci Code" Opens
• Colin Farrell And Ewan Join in Woody Allen's New Film
• Cinderella's Victory
• Angela's New Album Show in Beijing
• Gore Debuts Global Warming Film
• Designers Seek Palmes at Cannes, Too
• Star-Powered Start to Cannes Film Fiesta
• Star-studded Opening for Cannes
• 'Da Vinci' Opens Amid Hoopla and Rage
• "The Da Vinci Code" Cast Arrives at Cannes
• 'Da Vinci Code' Misses the Mark for Critics
• Aaron Kwok's Figure Unveils Madame Tussauds HK
• Poster of Wong Kar-Wai's "My Blueberry Nights" on Display In Cannes
• Boo Hoo over Chou-Hou Love?
• Gong Li Still Tops Chinese Beauty List
• Gong Li Voted China's Most Beautiful Star
• Films Selected for Golden Goblet
• National Geographic Special Airing Next Week
• Jolin: Chou Hou - Let Them End Themselves
• Spotlight on Real China Is Not Offensive
• Emil Chou Stages Solo Concert in Shanghai
• French Director Luc Besson to Head Jury at Shanghai Int'l Film Festival
• France Honors Film Director Wong Kar-wai
• Stanley Tong to Tell Nanjing Massacre Story with "The Diary"
• 'Da Vinci Code' Opens with Rich Ticket Sales
• Michelle Yeoh Not Going to be Mulan
• Zhang Ziyi, Michelle Yeoh Promote "Volver" Premiere at Cannes
• "New Yorkers in Beijing" Starts Shooting
• Bank Funds Zhang Yimou Film
• "Irreversi" Shoots in Two Languages
• "14 Amazons" to be Screened at Cannes
• Jackie Chan, Jet Li to Star in New Film
• Jones to Star in Film with HK Director
• China Catholic Church Calls for Movie Boycott
• Photos from "The City of Golden Armor"
• Zhang Ziyi in "The Banquet"
• Dou Wei Statement Released
• China to Popularize Digitalization of Cable TV
• The Da Vinci Code Deciphered
"The Da Vinci Code" has finally been deciphered by world audiences this week.
• World Carnival 2006
This year's "world carnival" is coming to Beijing, but with a different Italian style.
• Holiday Guide
CRI Entertainment sorts out some available options for whom choose to stay in Beijing. Enjoy your long holiday. กก
• China-India Friendship Year
The year 2006 has been designated as the China-India Friendship Year.
• Spring Movie Map
CRI Entertainment collects some this spring's new movies for you
• 25th HK Film Awards
The Hong Kong's annual Oscar is to unveiled on April 8th. Nominees
• The Oscar Goes to ... Ang Lee!
The Oscar winning director became a hot topic in China...