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Karen Mok¡ªWithout You

If you want to know whose songs are popular in China right now, simply take a stroll along a main street.

Chinese Singer Pu Shu
A few years ago, at the end of the last century, a young man named Pu Shu quit college, totally disillusioned with his own campus life. A short while later, he was a pop star, albeit still a fairly melancholy person.
Chris Yu¡ªPoet Singer Releases New Album
Taiwan's Chris Yu recently let his creativity flow with Poet's Tears, a new album release, which marks a break from his previous balladeer style.
Chinese Mainland Singer Wang Rong
Every year, several dozen newcomers break into China's music circle. Despite their success, quite a few of them have had to spend years of hard struggle before finally getting recognized and finding their place in the limelight.
We bring you interesting gossip and points of view about the hottest musicians and the top musical hits. Every minute we bring you a step closer to the pulse of hot, pop and new musical releases from both national and international stars. Click and Join us anytime, anywhere!
• Zhao Xiaohua
• Shen Min
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  • The Da Vinci Code Deciphered

  • "The Da Vinci Code" has finally been deciphered by world audiences this week.
  • World Carnival 2006

  • This year's "world carnival" is coming to Beijing, but with a different Italian style.
  • Holiday Guide

  • CRI Entertainment sorts out some available options for whom choose to stay in Beijing. Enjoy your long holiday. ¡¡
  • China-India Friendship Year

  • The year 2006 has been designated as the China-India Friendship Year.
  • Spring Movie Map

  • CRI Entertainment collects some this spring's new movies for you
  • 25th HK Film Awards

  • The Hong Kong's annual Oscar was unveiled on April 8th. Winners
  • The Oscar Goes to ... Ang Lee!

  • The Oscar winning director became a hot topic in China...
  • 78th Academy Awards

  • The annual Oscar nominations will be announced on January 31.
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