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"Kung Fu Hustle" was the big winner Sunday at Taiwan Golden Horse Awards, taking home five trophies.
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41st Golden Horse Awards
"Election", "Three Times" Favored at Golden Horse Awards
Judges at the Golden Horse Awards - the Chinese-speaking world's equivalent to the Oscars - tend to favor art-house movies that have mainstream appeal.
• Saddle Up for the 42nd Golden Horse
• Online Betters Favor Tony Leung, Shu Qi at Golden Horse Awards
• The Race Is On for 42nd Taiwan Golden Horse Awards
• Best Director:  Stephen Chow• Best New Performer: Jay Chow
• Best Picture: The Wayward Cloud• Best Picture: A World Without Thieves
• Best Picture: Kung Fu Hustle• Best Picture: Three Times
• Best Picture: Kung Fu Hustle• Best Director: Stephen Chow (Kung Fu Hustle)
• Best Leading Actor: Aaron Kwok (Divergence)• Best Leading Actress: Shu Qi-Three Times
• Best Supporting Actor: Anthony Wong, Initial D• Best Supporting Actress: Yuen Qiu-Kung Fu Hustle
Kung Fu Hustle Sweeps Golden Horses
"Kung Fu Hustle" was the big winner Sunday at Taiwan Golden Horse Awards, taking home five trophies, including best director and best film awards.
Zhang Ziyi Film to Open 2005 Golden Horse
China's most authoritative film festival, the 42nd annual Taiwan Golden Horse Awards, will take place November 4 to 17.
Opening Film - Princess Raccoon
Zhang Ziyi plays a raccoon spirit princess in this musical love-story by Japanese director Seijun Suzuki.
Closing Film - Time to Leave
Fast earning himself the reputation as France's most prolific director, Fran?ois Ozon returns with a new film less than a year after the last one, the wonderful 5x2.
41st Golden Horse Film Festival

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